Why does the Print Preview in IE11 print a blank page?

We are currently using TRIRIGA 10.5.1/ In IE11, when a record is selected to print, the printer gives a blank page. Whereas before printing, selecting Print Preview shows the page correctly. This behavior was not observed with Google Chrome, where everything gets printed without any issues.

After further investigation, it looks like a Microsoft Windows Update broke this print functionality, and they have since reverted the change that broke it. If you are on the absolute latest IE11 patch, the Print Preview should be working again. Take a look at this blog link. Microsoft has released KB4032782 to address the issue.

[Admin: This post is related to the 11.07.16 post about the font in the Print Preview and printed hardcopy being too small. To see other related posts, use the Print tag or Print Preview tag.]

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IV96587: Getting error that URL is too large for queries with filters

After applying the TRIRIGA fix pack, if you have an editable query with at least 10 filter columns, when you filter on the report, you will get the URL error.

We needed to implement the same code from viewPageReport.jsp to viewPage.jsp. Moving forward, we resolved an issue, where filtering on an editable query will make the URL big enough to break the specified limit for URLs on Internet Explorer.

[Admin: This post is related to the 05.18.17 post about reports with filters creating long URIs in To see other related posts, use the Filter tag.]

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IV96356: Portal sections not sizing correctly within panel in IE only

Panels that didn’t have vertical scrolling in-frame now have vertical scroll bars. That is, they are not presenting the whole information within the visible area as before. Frames and portal sections are not sized correctly and some clickable areas might not work until some other action is performed. This is a change in behavior from TRIRIGA 3.5.1 to 3.5.2 when this behavior could be observed for customized forms.

Internet Explorer does not correctly calculate the new height of the content internal to the portal. We needed to rework the logic to resize to the actual content size. Moving forward, an issue that caused an extra scroll bar to appear when rendering a record in the portal has been resolved.

[Admin: To see other related posts, use the Portal tag.]

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IV94622: Maximum length for URL field type is 400 characters

In TRIRIGA 3.5.2, the maximum length for the URL field type is 400 characters. The maximum URL/URI length for the URL field type must be 2083 characters to respect the Microsoft browser specification. Since TRIRIGA may need to store long URIs provided from IBM and external integrations, we extended the URL field type length.

Moving forward, URL fields can now handle a maximum of 2083 characters. The 2083 is the least common denominator in length of characters for supported browsers. Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) has a maximum URL length of 2083. New URL fields will be created with a max length of 2083 characters. Existing URL field lengths will remain untouched until the BO is republished.

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IV94392: Bar charts not sized and centered within portal sections

In IE11 only, bar charts that in past versions of TRIRIGA (e.g. displayed in their entirety through a portal section are not being displayed completely in TRIRIGA 3.5.2. Instead of the report being sized so that all bars fit, there is extra white space to the left of the chart and only the first few bars are appearing. When the portal section is maximized, more bars show, but the whole chart is still not present and centered in the portal section.

We resolved an Internet Explorer issue where charts in smaller portal sections were getting chopped off. We also resolved an issue on all browsers, where the bottom title on charts in smaller portal sections was not displaying.

[Admin: This post is related to the 03.23.17 post about the GIS section not fitting to full height.]

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IV94455: Read-only Boolean fields are not grayed out in TRIRIGA 3.5.2

In TRIRIGA 10.3.1/, when a field is read-only, the check box is grayed out for the Boolean field. But in 10.3.1/3.5.2, there appears to have been a change. When a Boolean field is read-only, the check box is not grayed out. So when the user tries to click it, all the user sees is that it does not appear to be working. This happens regardless of whether IE11 or Chrome is used.

We needed to add a style to the check box to show it is read-only. Moving forward, we changed the read-only check-box style so it will look different from the selectable check box.

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