What character set is used by the IBM TRIRIGA integration object?

I am trying to export foreign language data using integration object. Alphanumeric values are exported correctly, but I cannot figure out the character set used for foreign language values, namely Japanese. The Japanese values are displayed correctly when I look at the data from a browser, and the data is stored in UTF-8 in the database. But when I export the value out to a file using the integration object, the value is no longer in UTF-8. Does anyone know what character set the integration object uses? How I can change it to UTF-8?

You are absolutely right that it should use UTF-8, but after talking to a co-working and looking at some code it does not appear that is the case. Submit a PMR and reference RTC 292380 and include that you were referred by me to submit the PMR… This issue is tracked by APAR IJ02452.

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IV82049: Exporting to Excel displays different decimal places

When exporting a TRIRIGA report to Excel format, only 3 decimal places are being displayed when there are clearly 4 in the report.

We needed a change in the TRIRIGA platform to pass additional information into the transform to Excel, and to adjust the built-in display mask based on the decimal precision in the Data Modeler. Moving forward, Excel exports will now honor the custom decimal precisions for decimal numbers set in Data Modeler. However, if the currency UOM for the number is Japanese Yen, it will display without decimals regardless.

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