IV82976: Document Manager labels should all be translated

The customer applied the Korean language pack and set up their profile to use Korean, but the Document Manager interface still had field labels and button labels in English. As an attempted workaround, the customer changed the web_label table value (whole value) regardless of language_id. The English language ID is number 1 and Korean is 2063447, but the customer didn’t care and applied all records with the label_value in English…

The customer workaround to update values in the web_label table did not work. Moving forward, in the check-in and check-out forms, the actions and labels are now translated for non-US English languages.

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IV80544: TRIRIGA 3.5 installation fails in Windows in Korean

Due to a defect in the current installer used by TRIRIGA 3.5, it fails to install in Korean. The installer expects to receive a message back from the WebSphere Application Server (WAS) startup to continue installation. It waits for the message to be “IS STARTING”, but in Korean, WAS sends just “STARTING” as the message. The installer fails installation with the message stating WAS has not started.

An issue was resolved when using the TRIRIGA installer to connect to a WebSphere instance to see if it is started while in a Korean OS. The string returned in Korean is “STARTED”, the installer was looking for “IS STARTED”.

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IV80364: Document with a Korean file name fails to upload properly

A document with a file name in Korean fails to upload, view, or download properly.

We needed to (1) add an onError method in upload.js to close the window and refresh the document list, (2) use StringEscapeUtils to escape the document content, and (3) add UTF-8 to the content disposition so the file name can be unescaped by all browsers.

An issue was fixed where uploading a document with multibyte characters in the file name would not close the upload popup window after clicking the submit button. Also, another issue was resolved in Document Manager where viewing or downloading a file with a multibyte character file name (such as Korean) would show encoded characters instead.

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IV79986: State family label header not being translated to Korean

On the top left label of the sub-actions in the State Family screen, where in English you can read the text “SubAction Label Details”, it is not being translated correctly to Korean. Instead of Korean characters, the equivalent UTF-8 code is showing up.

We fixed an issue where the SubAction Details section label header would not display various language characters correctly.

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