Cohesive Solutions to present at TRIMAX 2017 on importance of KPIs

Anthony Honaker, VP of product strategy and development at Cohesive Solutions, is slated to speak at this year’s TRIMAX 2017 conference on November 30th. Hosted by IBM, TRIMAX is an annual TRIRIGA and Maximo Enterprise Asset Management user group conference. Throughout the conference, clients, business partners, and IBM representatives share their knowledge, use cases, and innovative thoughts around the products and associated business processes.

“What makes a great learning experience for our attendees is having solid content presented by leaders like Cohesive who have industry experience and first-hand knowledge of the challenges Maximo users face today,” said Tina Scott, IBM Business Development Manager and TRIMAX leader.

Honaker’s presentation – “Beyond Dashboards: Using Measures and KPIs to improve your processes and achieve business results” – walks through the health and management of the business processes that support the organization’s overall strategy. This presentation will discuss how organizations can focus on improving their operations, as well as the use of their business systems, and achieve real business results by looking beyond dashboards, and using KPIs to improve the business processes and achieve results.

[Admin: This post is related to the 10.25.17 post about what TRIMAX is and why you should attend. To see other related posts, use the TRIMAX tag.]

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Getting an error when viewing the Energy KPI and the Report tab

I’m getting an error when I try to view the Energy Emission Factor KPI, and also at times, in the Report tab as well. When I restart my VM, it works fine, but the Report tab throws an “Error 404: ProxyServlet: /tririgaod/birt/frameset”. Please suggest how to fix this.

When I search the file, I do not see a a MID error with the ID 946235366. Are you asking about the BIRT error?  

Caused by: com.tririga.platform.birt.runtime.resource.BirtResourceException: Error while extracting birt zip. [zipFile=C:\Users\ibm\AppData\Local\Temp\Lease Assumption Audit Log Report (BIRT)]

My assumption is that you’re running into an issue with BIRT, when running TRIRIGA Platform 3.5.1 with Windows. If you take the Fix Pack, this issue should go away. From the Fix Pack Read Me:

Defect: 229997, Description: BIRT Reports now render properly when the application server is running on a Windows server.

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