IV97310: Pie chart labels are cut off in smallest portal section

The pie chart labels should actually be hidden, and not appear at all for the smallest portal section. Users should rely on tooltips for the smallest portal section. The reason labels were always meant to be hidden is because they make many pie charts unusable in the smallest portal section, due to labels bunching together in the small space. The smallest portal section should always hide the pie chart labels.

The hiding of the pie labels for the smallest portal section broke when AnyChart was upgraded in TRIRIGA 3.5.0. Moving forward, we resolved a metric report and chart report issue, where pie chart labels were chopped off in the smallest portal section. This fix hides pie chart labels when the TRIRIGA component that displays the chart falls below a height of 280px and a width of 280px, such as the smallest portal section. Pie labels become unusable when pie charts get too small. So users should rely on pie chart tooltips for the chart details, when the labels are hidden.

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.14.16 post about changing the AnyChart label settings. To see other related posts, search “Pie Chart“.]

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IV92514: Cannot perform Sync Full command in CI for MicroStation

After upgrading from CAD Integrator (CI) 12.1.1 to 12.1.4 for MicroStation, we cannot do a Sync Full command successfully, if there are more than 14 people assigned to any space. We get kicked out of MicroStation, or we get a message indicating that MicroStation stopped working and are forced to close the program.

The issue happens when there is a very long label applied. For example, the “People” label style appends every person to the label string. If the string is “too long”, i.e. more than 256 characters, it overflows the char buffer on the heap, causing stack corruption, usually causing MicroStation to crash immediately.

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IV92225: Locator query headers not reflecting the correct labels

If you have a locator query that has multiple business objects, whether through associated business object or through smart sections: Pick multiple fields with names like triIDTX, triNameTX from these business objects. Change the labels on these fields so that they don’t all just say ID, ID, ID, or Name, Name, Name. Change them to something like Employee ID, Supervisor ID, Organization ID.

Now place this query on a locator field, publish the form, and go open a record. DO NOT use the magnifying glass on the locator field, but simply start typing into the locator field. The system should automatically pre-filter the query result and display it below the locator field. Note the columns now are not displayed as Employee ID, Supervisor ID, Organization ID, but rather it ignores the label changes done in the query manager.

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Where are the untranslated labels and data in 3.5.2 and 10.5.2?

In the Attachments tab, this package contains the untranslated labels and data delivered in IBM TRIRIGA Platform 3.5.2 and Application 10.5.2. These will be translated in the future release.  You can use the files inside this package to provide translations for your supported languages, then import them into your environments.

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Is there a way to do polylines and labels outside of AutoCAD?

I notice a lot of fuss and aggravation around using the AutoCAD tools for drawing area boundaries and room labels. Has anyone looked at importing the geometry of an AutoCAD drawing into a desktop app and doing the polylining and labeling and data capture there? Not only does it eliminate the need for AutoCAD licenses, but it is far more accurate and efficient. Let me know what you think?

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IV87669: Report Builder does not show forms with the same label

If you make a copy of a form that has the same name but a different prefix, and then upgrade, the form is not listed as a form in the Report Builder. But it will be listed, if you go to the Form Builder.

As a temporary fix, change the label of one of those forms and it will show up. We needed to sort the form labels based on lowercase strings and the pair <label, name>, so that identical labels will still be displayed. Moving forward, an issue was resolved in the Report Builder, where forms under the same module and business object, and with the same label but different names, would not be listed. Only one of the forms with the same label would be displayed.

[Admin: This post is related to the 02.24.17 post by Rob Zombron about forms missing from Report Builder.]

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