Is there a way to enable TRIRIGA to use JSON not GWT-RPC calls?

I am working on creating scripts for the TRIRIGA application. I am using HPE LoadRunner for this purpose. As the TRIRIGA application uses GWT-RPC calls, we have some encrypted content being communicated between the TRIRIGA server and browser. We did use the web debuggers and tools, but this content is encrypted.

Do we have the option in TRIRIGA to enable it to use the JSON or any other readable format, rather than GWT-RPC, by default? It will enable us to capture the decrypted content and change the data for replay of our scripts as we need.

[Admin: This post is related to the 03.11.15 post about sharing a correlation file for LoadRunner.]

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Can anyone share a correlation file for LoadRunner 11.52?

At Starbucks, we are undertaking a project to host our Store Facilities Support Business under IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager (Platform Number is 3.3.1, Build is 92888). Our Performance SDET has begun scripting with LoadRunner 11.52 against functionality in this UI in preparation for a load test.

While LoadRunner is able to record the script, it is not generating the raw script (a raw script will be correlated and parameterized as required) and continuously spinning (see the attached file). Does anyone know of and can share a correlation file for LoadRunner 11.52 to script and correlate against IBM TRIRIGA?

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