Is there a way to refresh group overrides in the global menu?

Is there a trick to getting group overrides in the global menu to refresh?

I’m able to turn on and off the top-level menu items, but the second-level items are not responding. I’m trying to disable all of the Projects second-level menus, except Facilities for a particular user group. I have tried it many times with various users and I still see all second-level menu items. Logging on and off, and waiting extended periods of time has not helped.

I figured out what was going wrong. I have multiple security groups assigned to each user, and the menu group overrides were conflicting with each other. The extra security groups are configured to all users without a primary organization to see those with a primary organization and vice versa. Unfortunately, these groups only had group overrides applied to the top-level menu. When I attempted to enable a few second-level menu items, these extra security groups enable all second-level menu items.

The fix is to disable all menu items for these extra security groups. This way, the primary security group has full control of the menu selection.

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Is there a way to add a new link in the top “Welcome” menu bar?

I’m trying to see if there is a way to add another link in the top menu, where the “Welcome, John Smith | Sign Out | Support | Help” appears. We would like to add a link to jump directly to our company website.

I know that I can modify the Support or Help forms, and add a URL link to our company website, but I’m just wondering if there is a quicker way for the user to just click once. As such, I’m hoping I can add a link on the top menu section since that is always visible. I understand that this setting change was not an option in TRIRIGA 3.5.1, but possible in 3.5.2? And if possible, what are the steps? Also, I noticed that the default value for URL field types is not working properly, in that it does not display the value. Anyone else having that issue?

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How do you find the right color options with Style Manager?

Does anyone have a reference guide or working notes on the Style Manager?

I applied the TRIRIGA 3.5.0 skin to one of my environments, and wanted to change a few colors. Trial and error is horrible due to the number of options, similar names, and lack of alphabetical lists. There are also no pictures in the user guides anymore. I was hoping someone had some illustrations. The specific items I’m trying to change are highlighted…

  • Portals
    • The second-level menu background.
    • The color of the tab background.
  • Forms
    • The selected tab foreground color.
    • The outside border of the tab. With the muted color scheme, we need a little more definition, like a soft white, but we can’t find that option.

[Admin: This post is related to the 09.23.16 post about changing colors, and the 08.23.16 post and 09.30.16 post about Section 508 color-contrast compliance.]

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UX: How do you get triplat-route and paper-drawer-panel to work?

I have a <paper-drawer-panel> with a toolbar and sub-menus. I would like to select one of the links, and that should display a page in the main window. I haven’t been able to get <triplat-route> to work with this. Any hints on how this could be done?

The second question is: I would like to create a page, which can use the existing model. How can this be done? I have already written some models, and wanted to reuse them in the new application I am writing.

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.09.16 post about routing with <triplat-route>.]

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UX: How do you include the Polymer app-toolbar element?

I would like to use the Polymer <app> elements. I am trying to use <app-toolbar> to create a menu and click on the <app-menu> to display the menu and submenu. But every time I use the <app-toolbar> element, I get an exception.

  • <link rel=”import” href=”../app-toolbar/app-toolbar.html”>
  • http:// XXXXXX:12121/p/components/r/en-US/l/app-toolbar/app-toolbar.html

After more research, it seems that the <app> components are not included in the bower-components dependencies. How can I include this? Am I missing something?

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How do you add the CI 12.1.4 menu in menu bar with AutoCAD 2016?

I just installed CAD Integrator 12.1.4 and I use it with AutoCAD 2016. I can manually enter commands in the command line. But I don’t see the menu in the menu bar. I know that in the previous AutoCAD version, we have to use the classic workspace. What is the procedure to add the CAD Integrator menu in the menu bar? Do I create an AutoCAD classic workspace?

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.29.15 article by Autodesk Support. The AutoCAD classic workspace is not available in AutoCAD 2015 and later versions. But the classic workspace can still be added to the interface.]

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