UX: Does TRIRIGA UX Framework have offline capabilities?

I’m starting to look at mobile options for TRIRIGA. I’ve heard of FieldFlex, but I am on a tight budget. One of our requirements is offline capabilities when the field technicians are in non-wifi or cellphone connection. Does TRIRIGA UX have offline capabilities? If not, what are the other options?

Offline capability in web applications is not specifically enabled by UX Framework, but more importantly, it should not be limited by nor dependent on UX Framework. Offline request handling, caching, etc., for web applications is enabled by the Service Worker W3C specification. Google Polymer, which UX Framework utilizes, does have some tools to help enable this. You’ll find a number of pages and videos on how to work with this, such as this Google video: Go Offline.

Unfortunately, browser support for the spec is still not holistic yet, with Chrome being the best option at the momentSo, you should be able to build out an app that handles offline scenarios which works in tandem with our framework, but may be limited in browser support per the above link. We would be happy to hear any feedback you have as you work through this, and any way in which you think we could make the process easier with additional tooling in our framework. This is something on our roadmap to investigate once browser support for the spec is more in line with all the browsers we support as a product.

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ValuD recognized on Inc. 5000 list for a second straight year

Inc. magazine today ranked ValuD Consulting #1078 on its 35th annual Inc. 5000, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. ValuD’s ranking improved from the last year‘s ranking of #1455. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment — independent small businesses…

In the last 18 months, ValuD has opened a new training center, released a mobility application (MobilD), invested and partnered with a leading Internet of Things (IoT) provider (Motors@Work), expanded its global reach and continues to add additional headcount to the already impressive team. This has resulted in ValuD being the fastest growing specialized IWMS solution provider for the past two years…

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ValuD releases latest mobility app in IBM TRIRIGA marketplace

ValuD Consulting, LLC, (www.valudconsulting.com), the leading Real Estate and Facilities Management (RE/FM) technology strategy and IBM TRIRIGA service provider announced today the release of MobilD – a premier mobile application for IBM TRIRIGA. Aimed at bridging the gap between field work and desktop use in IBM TRIRIGA, MobilD promises to be a one-stop solution for busy clients who need access to the IBM TRIRIGA application anytime, anywhere.

The application helps facility managers streamline field processes that benefit from the use if IBM TRIRIGA, resulting in cost savings through increased productivity and more timely decision making. The first release of MobilD addressing the large market demand for the Self Service Requests, Approvals and Work Order Management. Based on active client feedback, future releases are being developed that will meet the needs of Conditions Assessments, Space Management, Reservation Management and Inventory Management.

Developed on Xamarin and Azure open source platforms, MobilD is fully compatible with iOS and Android and provides a real-time sync with the TRIRIGA desktop application. The application is capable of working in offline mode as well and has built-in processing rules to efficiently handle data conflicts. It is completely aligned to out-of-the-box TRIRIGA capabilities and eliminates the need for custom object creation in the IBM TRIRIGA application – ensuring absolute data security…

[Admin: Gopi Latpate also posted the link in the TRIRIGA Around the World Facebook group. This post is related to the 07.28.16 post about mobilizing IBM TRIRIGA with the MobilD solution.]

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ValuD: Mobilizing IBM TRIRIGA with the MobilD solution

Mobile applications give the end user the advantage of accessing crucial information at his or her fingertips. With an “anywhere, everywhere” work style available at the touch of a screen, data management and efficiency increases exponentially, resulting in cost savings for the organization.

With its comprehensive range of features and solutions, IBM TRIRIGA offers a robust IWMS platform which leverages on IBM’s strength in Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analytics. It’s no wonder then that IBM and its partners have been developing mobile solutions surrounding TRIRIGA… Unfortunately, many of these products work more like an extension of the desktop version of TRIRIGA rather than as a standalone mobile application.

Our team at ValuD has come up with a solution which seeks to plug these issues and bridge the gap between field work and desktop use in IBM TRIRIGA. Developed on Xamarin and Azure open-source platforms, MobilD: Mobility Delivered aspires to be a one-stop solution for all mobile RE/FM challenges… MobilD lets the end users, comprising of requesters, supervisors, approvers and technicians, to have access (as per their appropriate access level) to various activities including:

  • Creation, tracking, approval or escalation of service requests
  • Plan and manage specific work tasks
  • Add parts, resources and equipment to a work task
  • Attach documents, images and/or audio files to a work task
  • Enter, manage or view time entry logs.

With such extending capabilities, MobilD certainly has the potential to turn out to be the answer that the industry has been looking for. If you want to learn more about our mobile offering, download the e-brochure here [PDF]. Or watch our video.



[Admin: This post is related to the 06.08.16 post about finding the definitive mobile solution for TRIRIGA.]

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ValuD leads in providing technology solutions to RE/FM

ValuD Consulting was founded in 2009 by Gopi Latpate who was one of the lead architects of the original TRIRIGA platform and application. In the beginning, the company provided services and sub-contracts. When IBM acquired TRIRIGA in 2011, ValuD was providing services and sub-contract work to a variety of clients. Around 2013, the company took on more independent work and became one of the biggest IBM TRIRIGA players in the market.

Today, with over 130 resources globally and over 50 certifications, ValuD is the largest IBM TRIRIGA provider in the world. The company’s team is made of many of the original developers of the product which they believe brings more depth to their offerings. In recent years, ValuD has been named a Premier IBM Business Partner and obtained the IBM Leadership Award in 2014, and it landed #1455 on the list of Fastest Growing Companies on Inc. 5000 in 2015…

This year, ValuD invested in Motors@Work, an energy management SaaS solution based on a patent pending innovation for managing commercial and industrial motor-driven systems. Motors@Work was recently recognized as a key strategic solution in the utilities technology space by an IBM leader at the Maximo User Group Spring Workshop in Detroit.

With mobility being in such high demand, the company has worked to develop a mobility solution that allows users to interact with the IBM TRIRIGA application in both real time and offline modes. Look for a release in early summer…

[Admin: This post is related to the 02.18.16 post about the partnership between ValuD and Motors@Work, and the 08.12.15 post about the KPMG Leasing Tool.]

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ValuD: Where is the definitive mobile solution for TRIRIGA?

Consider this scenario: Bill is one of the service technicians of Company X. He is always on the go making site visits in his client’s premises while still trying to complete the work tasks assigned to him by his manager, on time. Company X uses IBM TRIRIGA, the leading real estate and facility management IWMS solution available in the market today…

While on the move, Bill’s manager is unable to assign work tasks to him or any of the other service technicians nor can he track their statuses. Similarly, Bill and his fellow technicians are also not able to update the status of their work tasks and are unable to get intimations on their assigned service requests…

Is there a solution?

A closer look at the problems faced by Company X will reveal that streamlining the business process flow is the need of the hour…

So what’s the hold-up?

There have been quite a few attempts industry-wide to create mobile solutions for but the results have, at best, been mixed…

What can be done?

It’s no surprise that the best solution would be a mobile application that not only seeks to plug these above mentioned issues but also is comprehensive enough to bridge the gap between field work and desktop. A general framework for such a definitive solution should ideally comprise the following…

So, is there a resolution in sight for the issues faced by Bill and his organization? Will the RE/FM industry and its players be able to come up with a definitive answer that will not only plug the various issues that have been plaguing IBM TRIRIGA users but also be wide-ranging enough to offer the various features that is demanded of such a solution?

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