How do you implement a mobile app to record maintenance times?

What is the best way to implement a mobile app that will record the time spent in maintenance? Is the OSLC integration the best way to do this connection?

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ValuD: How do you attain freedom with a TRIRIGA mobility solution?

There has been a running debate on how to define a “real” mobility solution for IBM TRIRIGA – do we depend on a UI/UX framework or on commercially available solutions?

A UI/UX solution is a good platform solution that serves as an extension of the desktop TRIRIGA solution, but definitely has its limitations particularly for offline capabilities and keeping development costs in check. Mobility solutions need to operate offline and to leverage the native capabilities of the mobile device and platform. Based on our interaction with a variety of customers, we found some key challenges in evaluating the IBM mobility technology options…

How can we help?

Having executed multiple IBM TRIRIGA implementations, ValuD knows and anticipated the issues faced by customers. Given our in-depth expertise, ValuD designed a mobility solution solely for IBM TRIRIGA.

ValuD’s IBM TRIRIGA mobility solution – MobilD – was developed on true MADP (Mobile Application Development Platform) called Xamarin, an open source platform for developing MobilD. Microsoft acquired Xamarin recently and they made the entire development toolkit free to increase the market penetration. Xamarin, a widely known MADP, has thousands of application developer networks that can help organizations acquire the necessary skills for future development or management.

Another key factor is the choice of middleware solution; most current vendors use a “proprietary” middleware solution that needs a footprint on one of the TRIRIGA servers. MobilD’s middleware choice is Microsoft Azure which is a hosted solution and does not need any footprint on TRIRIGA servers and can also work with your SaaS solution or on-premise solutions…

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Is there a way to track timestamps for barcodes read by mobile?

With TRIRIGA Anywhere, I was wandering is there any way to track the date/time when the asset barcode was read with a mobile device?

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Can anyone help with TRIRIGA Anywhere and MobileFirst?

I installed MobileFirst Server, set up TRIRIGA Anywhere, installed MobileFirst Studio on Eclipse Mars 2, and made some changes in the Work Task Management application. After updating and viewing the result in a simulator, I attempted to export the Android application, but it gave me some errors. I need some help from someone who worked on the TRIRIGA Anywhere app and MobileFirst Platform.

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[Updated 05.08.16]

Mani Sanjeevi: Apologies to the TRIRIGA folks! There was one request posted in our TRIRIGA group that has been addressed immediately and deleted from the group.

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How do you size the environment for TRIRIGA Anywhere users?

TRIRIGA Anywhere users can be handled like any other TRIRIGA users. When sizing the TRIRIGA environment, include TRIRIGA Anywhere users in the overall concurrent user count and follow the appropriate sizing guidelines for the TRIRIGA application and database servers:

However, it is recommended to add a separate process server to the environment specifically to handle the OSLC calls for TRIRIGA Anywhere. This server can be sized similarly to the standard process server as outlined in the above links for each environment.

In addition, TRIRIGA Anywhere requires a MobileFirst server. To size this server, follow the guidelines from the document: Scalability and Hardware Sizing for MobileFirst Platform Foundation 7.1. Other TRIRIGA Anywhere performance recommendations can be found in the TRIRIGA Best Practices for System Performance [PDF] white paper.

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IV81994: IBM TRIRIGA Anywhere ignores timeout settings

We are experiencing an IBM TRIRIGA Anywhere issue, where the timeout value specified in our configuration is being ignored and an error is resulting.

There might be near-term iFix. Note that this is not an IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform APAR. It should be an IBM MobileFirst APAR.

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