FM:Systems: IWMS market leader in 2017 Green Quadrant report

FM:Systems was recognized as a leader by Verdantix in their 2017 Green Quadrant Analysis for IWMS. As a leading provider of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) and Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software, FM:Systems differentiates its comprehensive solution with best-in-class capabilities for space optimization. FM:Systems garnered high remarks in its breadth of functionality in addition to its best-in-class capabilities for space optimization…

Verdantix awarded FM:Systems multiple perfect scores of 3.0/3.0 for the Scenario Planning module, Move Management module, and for space utilization data collection and analysis. FM:Systems is positioned as a leader in the industry, integrating scenario planning and real-time monitoring of space utilization with various sensors, such as heat and 3D people sensing cameras. These capabilities address the most urgent challenges in optimizing facility and real-estate resources.

“Our placement in the 2017 Green Quadrant for IWMS is a strong confirmation that we’re growing in the right direction,” says FM:Systems President Kurt von Koch. “Our customers’ success has always been the driving force behind FM:Interact, and we’re pleased to know that our commitment to our customers is being recognized and reflected by the industry, particularly in an industry that is so rapidly changing.”

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Serraview and Accruent integrate workplace management solutions

The recent announcement of Serraview’s partnership with Accruent has generated quite a buzz in the corporate real estate arena: Accruent Announces Strategic Partnership With Serraview. We’ve been getting a lot of questions, so we’re letting you in on some of the unique opportunities our combined workplace management solutions will bring to companies transitioning to the modern corporate office.

Why have Serraview and Accruent teamed up?

Serraview and Accruent are both leading providers of workplace management solutions for companies looking to shape, drive, manage and control their real estate portfolio. Our goals are perfectly aligned: to enable corporations to make the best use of physical spaces and transform them into strategic assets…

How does the partnership better support the modern corporate office?

Today’s workplaces need to provide additional value for organizations that was never anticipated in years past. Pressure to reduce property costs remains high, but at the same time, CRE organizations must optimize workplaces to enable innovation, attract talent, boost productivity and improve employee experience in the workplace…

What are some of the new capabilities planned for the integration?

Here are just a few examples of how we’re planning to integrate Serraview’s and Accruent’s workplace management solutions:

  • Improve scenario planning with strategic data access. Serraview’s stacking and what-if scenario planning tools make it easy to combine pockets of vacancy into a contiguous space that can be freed up for other uses…
  • Enhance employee experience with integrated fault reporting. In many organizations, it’s cumbersome for employees to report on facility issues (such as malfunctioning equipment, broken furniture or HVAC problems)…
  • Streamline the Move-Add-Change process. Managing moves within an organization is typically a time-consuming process involving several groups. Within Serraview, space managers receive space requests, find vacancies and make assignments, and schedule the move process…

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Why can’t you save moves in the stacking tool in TRIRIGA 3.5.1?

I’m following the user guide and working with space scenarios. When I move organizations around, I see the move list. Once I click Save, the page refreshes, but nothing is saved. Is the stacking tool functional in 3.5.1?

Looks like it’s definitely broken. A stack record with the association string of “Stack Move Request” is created when I save, but the workflows are looking for records with the association string “Stack Move”, which will generate the move line items. This is an 100% OOB environment.

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Can anyone help with TRIRIGA planning drawings?

I am looking at the Move Management process which involves Move Requests and particularly Design Change Requests, which is where the current IBM TRIRIGA documentation dries up. The process generally looks like this:

  • 1. The User/Move Manager creates a Design Change Request.
  • 2. The Move Manager adds an Interior Designer (CAD User) role and some Design Plan options (Question 1).
  • 3. The CAD User opens the floor plan to be changed and uses the CAD Integrator command, Drawing > Create Planning Drawing, to link to the Design Change Request Options and save the planning drawing to a project folder. In CAD Integrator, the planning drawing opens and allows editing, and publishing allows the Move Manager to review the options in the Design Change Request (Question 2).
  • 4. Once created and approved, what do I do with the planning and production drawings when the change has happened (Question 3)?

Here are my questions:

  • Question 1: If the request is to add locations, how does the Move Manager do this? The form is read-only (yes, I can make it read/write), but have I missed the OOB way to create these new locations?
  • Question 2: In the planning drawing, CAD Integrator allows the same functionality (almost) as it does with a production drawing, except create a space. Normally, in CI, you would Smart Attach or right-click the Attach Space dialogue. I get the same issue as Question 1: Why is the space form read-only? I cannot add spaces.
  • Question 3: Move Management allows for Move Line Items (MLIs) to be committed to the database with the “Close Out” action. So, should the planning drawing work similarly, i.e. make the changes to the production drawing from the planning drawing? If so, how do I action this? Or does the CAD User need to make the changes manually, including create the spaces in the production system before the Move Manager clicks “Close Out”?

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ValuD: Training for IBM TRIRIGA Facilities (Space) Management

ValuD Course Code: VTA561
IBM Course Code: TA561
Duration: 3 days
Mode: Classroom or Virtual training
Price: $2,600

In this course, you will learn how to best capture, track, and manage spaces. Optional third day is available for the Reservation capabilities or Strategic Facility Planning (SFP) capabilities that can be used in conjunction with the IBM TRIRIGA Space Management module.

This is an intermediate-level course geared towards anyone working with the IBM TRIRIGA Space Management module and looking to leverage the IBM TRIRIGA Reserve Management or Strategic Facility Planning (SFP) module. It is ideal for Space Planners, Move Managers, Move Project Managers, Reservation Coordinators, and anyone else involved in Space Management.


The intent of this course is to educate participants about the IBM TRIRIGA Space Management module

To sign up or learn more about this training, see the full course details here.

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How do you drag and drop people or assets in CAD Integrator?

I thought I remembered the old TRIRIGA guides [circa 2011] saying that drag-drop was available in CI to move people and assets, etc. Is this still part of the functionality in 12.x? I haven’t needed to try it recently and just tested it a few times and it doesn’t appear to be there anymore. I can move the attached block but doing a full sync just puts it back in the original location. Maybe it’s just my process since I don’t see it in the guides anymore. If it’s still possible, please walk me through the steps.

[Admin: In the pre-IBM February 2011 version of the TRIRIGA CAD Integrator for AutoCAD User Guide and the March 2011 version of the TRIRIGA CAD Integrator for MicroStation User Guide, you were able to move a person or asset by dragging and dropping the icon from one location to another location.]

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