Having issues with OM packages & nav items during upgrade to 3.5.3

Our customer has seen an issue when installing TRIRIGA 3.5.3 (Linux, Server build number: 276955) on an existing database (on 3.4.2 / 10.4.2). Everything goes well until starting up the server. Generally, TRIRIGA will run a database upgrade on the first startup when a build number difference is detected.

In the OM log, we notice that TRIRIGA tried to import the upgrade OM package… The import process started with the triPlatformObjectLabelManager package, but it failed to import a navigation item, which is newly created for Object Label Manager. I haven’t found any log which can explain this failure. I’ve checked the NAV_ITEM table. This navigation item wasn’t there before the upgrade process. Then all of the other packages are stuck on a pending status. Nothing happens after “Creating package from Zip file”. This behavior causes a lot of SQL update failures.

Meanwhile, on our Dev environment (Windows, Server build number: 279835), the upgrade went very well. You can find the difference in the logs. The OM log was set on “Debug” level on both servers. Note that the build number is slightly different between these two enviroments. Have you seen this kind of issue? Where can I find more details about the navigation item import failure?

[Admin: This post is related to the 02.17.17 post and 05.19.16 post about inconsistent OM validation results. To see other related posts, use the Object Migration tag or Upgrade tag.]

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What are the new best practices for upgrading TRIRIGA apps?

Object Labels and Revisions

Starting in TRIRIGA 3.5.3, consider converting the TRIRIGA as-shipped objects that you renamed and modified back to the TRIRIGA objects from which they originated.

The purpose of the new conversion process is to enable the objects to use the new TRIRIGA object revisioning capabilities while preserving your object modifications. When you make future modifications to the objects, the modifications are saved in object revisions. Ultimately, the object revisioning and object labeling capabilities and tools aid in the future upgrade of your TRIRIGA applications.


[Admin: This post is related to the 09.24.15 post about the best practices for configuring and upgrading TRIRIGA applications. To see other related posts, use the Best Practices tag or Object Label tag.]

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IV97419: Object Label Manager has forms with the same object name

When the user go through the Object Label Manager to access a form and change the name. The system allows you to name it the same as another form, resulting in duplicate form names. There is currently no error handling for this. Meanwhile, if you access the form from the Form Builder itself and try naming it the same as another, the system will give you an error.

The issue was that the link into Form Builder from Object Label Manager’s Labeled Objects tab was not passing in the module ID and the BO ID for the form, thus the unique name validation for the module was failing to occur. This fix obtains the the module ID and BO ID for the form selected and correctly passes it to Form Builder. Moving forward, we resolved an issue in Object Label Manager, where opening a form from a link under the Labeled Objects tab would allow a user to change the name of the opened form to a name that already existed in the form’s module.

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Why are different object labels displayed for the selected label?

Why are different object labels displayed for the object label that I selected in Object Label Manager?

In IBM TRIRIGA 3.5.2, this is new and it is working as designed… The list of objects on the Labeled Objects tab contains not only objects that currently have the object label, but also objects that previously had the object label. The current label for each object is displayed in the Current Object Label column.

[Admin: This post is related to the 06.10.16 post about finding information on object labels, and the 05.17.16 post about whether to stop renaming objects.]

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Why don’t some objects open in their builder from OLM?

When you click the hyperlink for a navigation collection, a navigation item, or a portal in the Name or Type column on the Labeled Objects tab in the Object Label Manager to open the object in its respective builder, nothing happens. When you click the hyperlink for other objects such as forms or applications, the objects open in their respective builder.

When you click the hyperlink for an object such a query, form, or application in the Name or Type column of the Labeled Objects tab for an object label in the Object Label Manager, the object opens in its respective builder. This behavior is expected. However, when you click the hyperlink for a navigation collection, a navigation item, or a portal, nothing happens.

This functionality is not supported for navigation collections, navigation items, and portals. The workaround is to open the object directly in its respective builder. For example, open a portal directly in the Portal Builder. This functionality has never been supported in the Object Migration tool either. When you click a navigation collection, navigation item, or portal link in the Object Finder panel or the Objects panel, they do not open in their respective builder. Nothing happens and no error occurs. The same workaround applies.

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