IV96316: Initial liability carryover balance is not applied

For TRIRIGA 10.5.2/3.5.2 OOB, there is an issue with the “Initial Liability Carryover” (ILC) field. In both operating leases and capital leases, when a value is entered in this field, the right of use (ROU) asset in the future accounting schedules is not reduced at Day 1 (against lease liability (LL) and initial direct costs (IDC)).

  • What should happen: Day 1 ROU = Day 1 LL + IDC – Initial Liability Carryover.
  • What is happening now: Day 1 ROU = Day 1 LL + IDC. (No ILC is applied.)

The balance in this ILC field should get pulled into the Day 1 ROU asset balance, and it currently does not. If this field is functioning per OOB, then we need to fix it. It is critical that the transition to the new accounting standards is calculated correctly.

The initial carryover balance (ICB) was not applied to new accounting schedules. Moving forward, if leases are created on or after the look-back period, the initial carryover balance will now be applied to operating leases and finance/capital leases.

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Why do reports with filters create long URIs in TRIRIGA

It looks like TRIRIGA changed the way that reports are generated. After we enter a user filter and refresh, a very long URI is generated, which causes an error on the IBM HTTP Server: “Request-URI Too Large”. Previously, with an OOB query, the URL might look like: /html/en/default/reportTemplate/viewPageReport.jsp. But now, the URL is excessively long.

It looks like the filter details were sent in as headers to the server. But now, they are included in the URI. This is a major change for a fix pack and I believe that it shouldn’t have been included. This pretty much limits the number of columns and user filters that a report can have. Our environment is hosted by IBM and we don’t have access to the back-end server.

We will be addressing this issue in our next fix pack.

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Is there a way to auto-refresh a portal section via a workflow?

We have a portal section that lists the saved “favourite” queries for a user. But when users save a new query, they need to manually refresh the portal or page before it appears. I know we can set a portal section “refresh” interval, but the users would like to see it refreshed as soon as they save the query. Is there a way to do this via workflow or other means?

TRIRIGA OOB has no option or mechanism in workflows to achieve this. As you mentioned, you could look at lowering the portal “refresh” interval, so it’s less of a problem. But ultimately, I’d train the users to click on the Home tab after a query change to force a refresh.

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How do you manage document expiration in IBM TRIRIGA?

I would like to know if TRIRIGA can manage document expiration, such as building registrations, fire regulations, or other documents that are related to specific due dates. I saw the “Location” (Building, Land) object > Assessment tab, but it seems that the “Regulatory” object can only manage inspection and opportunities for the specific location. And it seems the Document Manager only acts as a “repository”. Do you have any information about document expiration?

TRIRIGA OOB has no concept of document expiration, but it could be developed and implemented very easily. You could create a scheduled event, based on an expiration date for each document. When that scheduled event is triggered, a workflow could move the document to an expired state and send a notification.

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Where can you find a list of available IBM TRIRIGA reports?

Here are several lists of reports delivered with the as-shipped TRIRIGA solution:

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IV95403: Locator query select is not showing module-level queries

If you open up an out-of-the-box form and go to a locator field in the form, the query that is listed as a part of the field’s “Locator Query” properties may not appear when you click the picker and view the list of queries.

An example of this problem is seen in the triContract > triLeaseAbstract form’s triLocationLookupTX field. The query “Location – Find – Active Property, Building, Structure, and Retail Location or Lease” is listed as the locator query, but if you click the picker next to that field, you cannot actually select that query.

If we need to show all of the queries based on the module, then we need to check if the BO is the base BO, then ignore it and retrieve all of the queries based on the moduleId. Moving forward, we resolved an issue where the locator query against a base BO will now return all of the queries in that module.

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IV95311: Currency conversion not taking the correct exchange rate

When you have currency conversions for multiple time periods, and then you have a lease that falls inside the first period, it is taking the last currency conversion as shown below… The amount base should be “2000” since the time period fell within the February exchange rate. But it seems to be taking the March exchange rate.

We needed to set the conversion group and exchange data in the BO mapping. Moving forward, the triCostItem > triContractCostBreakDownItems business object had their properties updated to set triConversionGroupLI for the conversion group, and triExchangeDT as the exchange date. We are addressing this specific scenario only and are not making sweeping changes to all BOs in OOB apps.

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