Why does Outlook add-in connect to server when opening meeting?

When opening any meeting in the Microsoft Outlook calendar, the TRIRIGA Reserve Outlook add-in will connect to the TRIRIGA server and send a small package.

This happens regardless of whether the meeting was created with the TRIRIGA add-in or not. When opening an appointment (which has no participants, in contrast to a meeting), there is no connection to the TRIRIGA server. It can be reproduced by opening Fiddler, opening Outlook, and then opening any item in the calendar that has participants (i.e. a meeting).

The consequence of this is that a session is opened for the user on the TRIRIGA server, taking up capacity on the server, thereby reducing the number of real users that the system can support. Has anyone else noticed this behavior? Can it be changed through configuration?

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IV90194: Outlook add-in install fails on Program Files folder

If you attempt to install the Reserve Outlook add-in into a folder within C:\Program Files\… the information provided on the command line such as URL is NOT copied into the user’s outlook.properties file. However, if you select any other folder in the computer as an install location, then the details are updated into the outlook.properties file.

The problem with using any other location is that those locations are not trusted by Windows. As such, the application when invoked forces a popup which, due to the expired application signing certificate, is not pretty. This is quite scary and is likely to result in many of the users declining the installation.

Because the files are sent to the users’ computers silently, they will not be aware that the add-in has been deployed into their machine. Any popup around email is worrying, so it is easy to see people taking the Don’t Install option.

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Why don’t buttons display in the TRIRIGA Reserve Outlook add-in?

The Outlook Reserve add-in is not functioning properly. What I see inside the app is that the top of the form inside the add-in appears momentarily, with the “Book Selected Room” button nearly off the page, such that you can only see the left edge. Then that whole bar goes away, including the button. The “Book Selected Room” button at the bottom and most other controls never come into focus. So no reservations can be made.

It is necessary to ensure that the correct registry entry exists, and that Internet Explorer (IE) Compatibility View mode is not set. The registry location is different depending on whether you are running the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook:

  • With 32-bit Outlook, this is the registry key that will matter: HKLM/Software/Wow6432Node/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main/FeatureControl/FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION
  • With 64-bit Outlook, this is the registry key that will matter: HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main/FeatureControl/FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION

[Admin: The same article is also posted in the Watson IoT Support blog.]

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IV84158: Outlook add-in “Calendar View” not rendering as expected

A room’s “Calendar View” tab is not rendering as expected when it is brought up through Outlook.

Steps to replicate:

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook that has been enabled with the TRIRIGA Outlook add-in.
  • Connect to the Exchange server.
  • Navigate to “Calendar”.
  • Open a new meeting.
  • Click to open one of the available rooms that are listed.

The room’s “General” tab renders as expected, but the room’s “Calendar View” tab does not. Where you would expect to see a calendar view, none is present. Nothing is present in the “Reservation Calendar” section.

We needed to upgrade the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) library to version 2.7. Moving forward, an issue has been resolved in the Reservation Outlook add-in, which prevented the room availability and room calendars from showing when viewing or creating a TRIRIGA appointment.

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How do you automate digital signatures for TRIRIGA emails?

Our client is using a digital signature system to sign documents (i.e. cryptographic method of authenticating a person). The requirement is to send signed emails (i.e. secure messages with a digital signature) that are generated in TRIRIGA. This is an example of how it works in Outlook 2007 for manual mail. How should this be automated (or integrated) for TRIRIGA-sent emails?

The IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform does not have the ability to do this at this time. We encourage you to enter an RFE here. We encourage our customers to review existing RFE’s and vote for them. The development team reviews the submitted RFE’s, and take the number of votes into consideration when reviewing.

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Planon: Using an IWMS solution to improve fleet management

Managing a fleet of an important size can easily become a complicated and time-consuming task. Commercial vehicles often represent a substantial economic value for businesses. With an IWMS solution, managing purchased, leased or rented company vehicles, commercial vehicles, wheeled equipment or two-wheelers becomes a lot easier. But what signs indicate it’s time to start using an IWMS solution for fleet management?

  • 1. Outlook is no longer adequate: You can set up reminders for major and minor servicing and when leasing contracts are about to expire…
  • 2. Excel is no longer adequate: The same issue happens with Excel. It is easy to create an overview of all the assets, but the functionality is certainly limited…
  • 3. Fleet management across departments: A number of departments are involved in managing the fleet…
  • 4. It is too much work: There’s a lot involved in fleet management: contracts, insurance, depreciation or write-offs, usage, fuel consumption, tax issues, maintenance, damage and durability…
  • 5. There is no overview: Using an IWMS software for your fleet management makes it easy to get an overview of the current fleet and to check its history…

[Admin: To clarify, this post comes from the Planon IWMS website, not a TRIRIGA website. Although IBM TRIRIGA doesn’t have an official fleet management solution, the IBM Maximo for Transportation solution is available.] 

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