IV97700: Security group blocks calendar reservation information

We have a problem when we open a reservation from the calendar. It seems that when the user has a primary organization and he opens a reservation from My Calendar, the reservation window is opened, but it doesn’t show any information. However, if the user doesn’t have a primary organization, the reservation window is opened and it shows the information correctly.

When dealing with an organization, geography, and project security, you should use the user’s groups, not override groups. In Reserve, My Calendar, a user with an organization or geography is unable to open a reservation that was created. The security was not using the organizations or geographies from the user’s profile (groups) when determining the user’s access. Instead, it was using the overridden Reserve security group.

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Is there a way to refresh group overrides in the global menu?

Is there a trick to getting group overrides in the global menu to refresh?

I’m able to turn on and off the top-level menu items, but the second-level items are not responding. I’m trying to disable all of the Projects second-level menus, except Facilities for a particular user group. I have tried it many times with various users and I still see all second-level menu items. Logging on and off, and waiting extended periods of time has not helped.

I figured out what was going wrong. I have multiple security groups assigned to each user, and the menu group overrides were conflicting with each other. The extra security groups are configured to all users without a primary organization to see those with a primary organization and vice versa. Unfortunately, these groups only had group overrides applied to the top-level menu. When I attempted to enable a few second-level menu items, these extra security groups enable all second-level menu items.

The fix is to disable all menu items for these extra security groups. This way, the primary security group has full control of the menu selection.

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