ValuD: Interview with Motors@Work

As “going green” becomes not only a trend but a necessity in our world today, it’s important we talk about energy conservation. Industrial consumption accounts for at least 42% of the global electricity consumption and a significant portion of that is wasted. With one third of such industrial consumption being used by electric motors, it goes without saying that energy conservation in electric motors is a must have. And that is exactly where Rod Ellsworth and his team at Motors@Work(TM) come into the picture…

VC: Good to know that Motors@Work(TM) has earned the trust and confidence of its clients! You recently announced that Motors@Work(TM) will be available as a SaaS solution in IBM Bluemix. Are there any specific reasons for you to choose IBM Bluemix as your Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider?

RE: Well, there are quite a few reasons for us to choose IBM Bluemix as our PaaS partner. For one, IBM currently happens to be one of the leading PaaS providers in the market today and is also the market leader in the Asset Performance Management sector. The way we look at it, Motors@Work(TM) energy intelligence has value on its own but our customers will get the extended benefit when our energy intelligence data is combined with historical data and live data streams from connected devices, sensors, and other IBM Watson IoT hub components. Moreover, the systematic integration of Motors@Work(TM) with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Applications will provide seamless business process integration for non-conformity mitigation and energy improvement opportunity execution. Additionally, this partnership will enable us to integrate our application with IBM’s Maximo Asset Management and TRIRIGA RE/FM applications, which again would be beneficial to our clients. We feel that this will be a win-win relationship for us as well as for our clients…

[Admin: This post is related to the 02.18.16 post about the ValuD partnership with Motors@Work.]

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Can IBM TRIRIGA run on Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Our client had a question: What version of TRIRIGA runs on Amazon Web and what are the required licenses? Our client intends to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their virtual machine (VM) tool and wants to know if there are any limitations or license requirements to install IBM TRIRIGA in a VM environment configured via Amazon Web.

The IBM TRIRIGA application must be installed on an operating system as specified in the support matrix for the platform release being installed. If the operating system used in the Amazon Web VM environment appears in the support matrix, then the installer should work and no additional licenses would be required.

[Admin: This post is related to the 11.14.14 post about the compatibility matrix.]

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Mixing TRIRIGA with Bluemix and IoT

TRIRIGA remixed? With Bluemix and IoT? How? Well, let’s figure it out together. If you haven’t heard, probably the biggest IoT news in the last few weeks was the IBM announcement that it “will invest $3 billion over the next four years to establish a new Internet of Things (IoT) unit, and that it is building a cloud-based open platform designed to help clients and ecosystem partners build IoT solutions.”

What does “cloud-based open platform” remind me of? You guessed it: Bluemix. In fact, the news named a future offering called the IBM Bluemix IoT Zone where developers could “enrich existing business applications – such as enterprise asset management, facilities management, and software engineering design tools”. What is our “facilities management” application? You guessed it: TRIRIGA.

While it might be more direct to share my impressions from within our new IoT division, it might be more fun to show how a passing but perceptive observer outside IBM might figure out where TRIRIGA fits into the mix. After all, both perspectives might turn out to be similar. I might even learn more about what’s going on!

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