Having issues with OM packages & nav items during upgrade to 3.5.3

Our customer has seen an issue when installing TRIRIGA 3.5.3 (Linux, Server build number: 276955) on an existing database (on 3.4.2 / 10.4.2). Everything goes well until starting up the server. Generally, TRIRIGA will run a database upgrade on the first startup when a build number difference is detected.

In the OM log, we notice that TRIRIGA tried to import the upgrade OM package… The import process started with the triPlatformObjectLabelManager package, but it failed to import a navigation item, which is newly created for Object Label Manager. I haven’t found any log which can explain this failure. I’ve checked the NAV_ITEM table. This navigation item wasn’t there before the upgrade process. Then all of the other packages are stuck on a pending status. Nothing happens after “Creating package from Zip file”. This behavior causes a lot of SQL update failures.

Meanwhile, on our Dev environment (Windows, Server build number: 279835), the upgrade went very well. You can find the difference in the logs. The OM log was set on “Debug” level on both servers. Note that the build number is slightly different between these two enviroments. Have you seen this kind of issue? Where can I find more details about the navigation item import failure?

[Admin: This post is related to the 02.17.17 post and 05.19.16 post about inconsistent OM validation results. To see other related posts, use the Object Migration tag or Upgrade tag.]

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IV96787: Retiring contract does not retire change orders or invoices

If you try to retire a contract that has a change order or invoice, the system should consider it, provide some logic to it, and/or provide a notification that you can’t retire it. The same should apply when you try to retire a change order that has other change orders or invoices associated to it.

The standard contract record that is in a Completed state cannot be retired if it has pending standard contract change orders or contract invoices associated to it. (The expectation was that the associated records would also be retired, or if not, a notification stating that they would not be retired.) Moving forward, the issue has been resolved by displaying an Attention message to the user that the standard contract cannot be retired because of the pending change orders or contract invoices. Also, the Retire and Delete actions on the change order form have been removed, so the user will not be able to retire the change order.

[Admin: This post is related to the 10.24.15 post about the behavior of contracts and change orders. To see other related posts, use the Change Orders tag.]

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Having an issue with TRIRIGA business objects not publishing

I’m looking for some advice with regards to publishing business objects. We are experiencing an issue with publishing newly created BO’s and revising and re-publishing existing business objects following revisions.

In the Data Modeler, when we are publishing/re-publishing the BO, within the Business Object Properties window, we can see that the status is “Pending Publication”. However, this is not updating to “Published” at any point, and as such the BO’s are not being fully published for us to use. They seem to be stuck in this pending publication state. Ordinarily, we would expect BO’s to publish in a short space of time, but some of these BO’s have now been pending publication for 2-3 days now.

Has anyone experienced this happening? Can anyone offer any suggestions of what to do to get the BO’s to fully publish? Not sure if this requires a PMR, tweaking in the Admin Console, or just something to be carried out within TRIRIGA itself. To give some background, we are using application version 10.2 and platform version 3.4.2.

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How do you reassign a person who has pending approvals?

A person could leave a company or an organization for various business reasons including termination, retirement, layoffs, new job role, or promotion in a different organization, or departmental re-organization. In IBM TRIRIGA, this person (user) could have pending Approval records in the system that need to be reassigned. IBM TRIRIGA has a process to address this business need. Read this wiki to learn how to use the Reviewer Admin functionality.

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