IV97814: triTaskResourceFact and triDimTaskStatusTX have changed

When running an ETL Job in IBM TRIRIGA 3.5.2, we see the following error, because the T_triTaskResourceFact table, triTaskResourceFact BO, has changed, and the triDimTaskStatusTX field is no longer a locator:

ERROR [com.tririga.platform.workflow.runtime.taskhandler.ETL.KETTLE](triTaskResourceFactETL - Insert into triTaskResourceFact) Insert into triTaskResourceFact - org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleException: Error inserting row into table [T_TRITASKRESOURCEFACT] with values: ...
Error inserting/updating row ORA-00904: "TRIDIMTASKSTATUSTXOBJID ...

The status dimension data was not populating for the task resource metric table. Moving forward, we needed to make changes to populate the data correctly.

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What are the ETL development environments that TRIRIGA uses?

IBM TRIRIGA uses either the Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) ETL development environment Configuration Editor, or the Pentaho ETL development environment Spoon to generate transform XML files. These transforms, when run through the API, move data from source to destination tables. In IBM TRIRIGA, ETL scripts are used to periodically take snapshots of the transactional data. These snapshots are time stamped and stored in metric fact tables. Metric queries use the information in the metric fact tables to visually display the information in metric charts.

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