Why doesn’t canceling the BIRT request stop the report process?

When a BIRT report is launched in TRIRIGA on the Reports tab or elsewhere, a Progress Bar popup appears with a “Cancel” button.

  • 1. If I click “Cancel”, will that kill the Select statement that is running against the database on the database server?
  • 2. If I click “Cancel”, will that release the database connection that is used when a BIRT report starts to run?

The answer to both questions is “No”. The thread will be consumed until the Select statement is complete. There is no messaging included in the log that the Select process was orphaned due to user interaction. The process simply continues to run until the results are retrieved and then stops. So, effectively:

  • 1. No, canceling a request will not kill the Select statement.
  • 2. No, the thread remains unaware that the request was canceled.

When the results are returned, the thread will process them, and then hit the canceled thread. There may be a message in the log warning about an IO socket being disconnected, or some other exception dealing with the dead connection.

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Is there a way to modify columns of popup report in metric report?

I am wondering if it is possible to modify the columns of the popup report, when we click on the graph of a metric report. It would seem the popup report doesn’t exist “physically” in the TRIRIGA database, rather it seems hard-coded and created on-the-fly when we click on the graph, reusing the existing graph data. Could anyone verify this assumption?

You are able to control the display columns on the report that is opened when clicking on the chart, just as you would a normal (i.e. non-chart) report in TRIRIGA. So from your chart details on the General tab > Options sub-tab, then on the Columns tab > Display Columns sub-tab, you can select fields, order, and change the default label to how you would like it presented when clicking into the chart.

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IV95427: Locator query popup window is too high on the form

Whenever a query is displayed using the locator field from within the main TRIRIGA window, the query no longer pops up in the active part of the window. Instead, it displays at the top (in some cases, a significant distance from the active screen).

We needed to calculate the internal placement of the locator on the form in a different manner. Moving forward, an issue that would cause locator queries to open outside the screen visible to the current user has been resolved.

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IV94250: Popup behind form when opening task from Gantt in IE11

In IE11, when you open a task directly from the Gantt chart, the popup window opens behind the Project form.

With the TreeGrid API, we needed to suppress all next actions to resolve focus issues with IE. Moving forward, an issue has been fixed in IE where the Task popup window appears behind the Gantt Project form.

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Why aren’t the locator fields in editable queries populated in 3.5.2?

After upgrading to TRIRIGA 3.5.2, we are facing an issue on editable queries, where the locator fields are not populating after selecting a value from the popup query. Also, it logs out after we select a value, click “OK”, and refresh. Has someone faced the same issue? Or is it a known issue?

This issue is resolved in the Fix Pack and is now available on Fix Central. The readme file for can be found here.

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Why aren’t the group permissions to apply a template working?

I’m attempting to give one of our groups permissions to apply a RE Transaction Plan template and it isn’t working.

I’ve given them “Read, Update, Create and Delete” on the triRETransactionPlan template and all actions under the “Application Access” and “Form Action Access”. They also have full access to the triRETransactionPlan and full permissions to the “Application Access” and “Form Action Access”. Everything under both of those folders are set to “Inherited from Parent”. What am I missing?

They were given permissions to the template, but not the triActionForm. It is necessary to grant access in the business object triActionForm so that they could access the template popup. Give permissions to the triActionForm.

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IV92876: Second popup is rendering off-screen for plan work record

Basically, 2 in-frame popups are rendering from the Maintenance > Preventive Maintenance > Plan Work record.

To reproduce, create a new Plan Work record (Add button) and go to the PM Schedules section. Then click on the Add button. A popup will render for the PM Schedules. Then inside this popup, click on the Create Recurring Pattern link. The new popup will render inside the existing one, and that will have part of it off-screen, sometimes preventing users from selecting a radio button for the recurrence.

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