How do you export all of the layers of floor graphics at once?

I am a TRIRIGA user and my building has 50 floors. I have to export each floor graphic as a PDF. Is there a way to export all graphic layers in TRIRIGA at once?

In TRIRIGA, on the Graphics tab, use the “Menu”, select the check boxes of all of the layers you want to display, then use “Export to PDF” or “Print to PDF”.

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Why does the Print Preview in IE11 print a blank page?

We are currently using TRIRIGA 10.5.1/ In IE11, when a record is selected to print, the printer gives a blank page. Whereas before printing, selecting Print Preview shows the page correctly. This behavior was not observed with Google Chrome, where everything gets printed without any issues.

After further investigation, it looks like a Microsoft Windows Update broke this print functionality, and they have since reverted the change that broke it. If you are on the absolute latest IE11 patch, the Print Preview should be working again. Take a look at this blog link. Microsoft has released KB4032782 to address the issue.

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IV90450: Font in Print Preview and printed hardcopy is too small

If a record’s “Print” button is clicked, the font present in the record’s “Print Preview” and printed hardcopy is too small to be legible. This problem was seen once we upgraded to TRIRIGA and has been seen with multiple browsers (e.g. Edge, IE11, Chrome).

[Admin: This post is related to the 09.08.16 post about the text being very small when using the Print link, and the 12.10.15 post about printing forms that can result in printed scroll bars.]

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Can anyone help with BIRT reports that print work orders?

I need to know if there is any other documentation available to get an in-depth knowledge of BIRT? I’m trying to do something fairly simple. I want to write a report that prints out our work orders. I can’t get the associations (triResources) to show up in the report. I know I’m missing something fairly obvious, but I have been researching this for several days and I can’t get access to associated data. I have both queries listed as data sets but can’t get them to link together.

Has anyone had any success with any other programs, besides Crystal, to push reports to specific printers without creating a separate report for each printer?

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IV88868: “Form” links in manager queries show a blank white page

If you navigate to Home > Tasks > Manage Tasks > Work Task, in the existing work tasks, click the radio button next to one of them, and click “Form”. A window comes up that says “Form” in the top left and “Export” and “Print” in the top right, but there is no content in the window itself. It is all white. No form is displayed that can be printed. If you open the record itself and go to the “Reports” tab, you can see that forms exist and display the record. This issue was noticed in TRIRIGA

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IV78106: Printing from forms can result in printed scroll bars

TRIRIGA print functionality for forms that contain multiple records in a section, can result in a scroll bar on the Print Preview. The scroll bar will come out on the printed page, if the user does not resize the page and/or adjust the printing options for their printer. In previous releases, the application automatically expanded sections in the Print Preview, which eliminated the problem.

As a temporary fix, users need to adjust the print results and/or printer settings, in order to get a printout that does not contain scroll bars. An issue was found where printing forms generated pages that get cut off. This can cause data layout issues. A fix has been delivered where printing pages from TRIRIGA generate the expected layout from the Print Preview page.

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