What is the relationship between project context and security?

TRIRIGA has the notion of project-based security scope, also called project context. At the upper right-hand side of the main TRIRIGA portal, there is a toggle to switch between Company and Project-level security, as well as a query to find and select in which project to operate.

To see and select a project, the user must be given specific security access to a project. This is done by adding the user’s group or the specific user to the Security tab of the project. Once the user or users have been granted access to the project, and they select the project from the project selector on the portal, they are then in the “context of the project.”

Any records created in the project context are then owned by that project, and security is restricted to those records, so the records are only visible and editable to those people that have access to the project, and have also switched their scope to run in that project context.

Items like documents and folders within Document Manager will also operate in a project context. You may notice that files uploaded to the Notes & Documents tab of records in the project context have a different folder path within Document Manager. Because the entire Document Manager tree is also in the project context, it is necessary to have the parent folder created in the project context as well. This folder’s path will be different than the uploads on records at the company level.


[Admin: This post is related to the 04.08.16 post about where your documents go in TRIRIGA, and the 08.25.16 post about an issue with selecting child projects.]

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IV88631: Funding allocations to multiple capital projects

Create two capital projects with identical names. Add those two projects to the program. Add funding for the first project from the fund that you created on the program. Add funding to the second project, from the same funding source.

Open the first project again, and you will see the funding you just added to Project 2 is also on Project 1. It does not create duplicate allocation records, but instead, associates the allocation to both projects, causing it to appear in both Project Fund Allocation sections.

[Admin: The same article is also posted in the IBM Support Portal as a technote.]

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How do you configure highly customizable notifications?

We have a customer who has a requirement for a highly customizable set of notifications within TRIRIGA. I have listed the requirements below, but I wonder if anyone has done anything similar before for other customers? Or if you have any ideas how some of these requirements could be achieved?

  • 1. The ability to dynamically select the parameters that will be used in the notification text from the record in question, rather than having to physically set this up via notification content records for each notification.
  • 2. The ability to select any piece of data as a parameter from the source record, or from any record associated to the source record, or records associated to the records associated to the source, etc. So, an example would be that if the work task is the source record, they would like to be able to include data from the project and program (and checklists). Again, without having to set up workflows for it.
  • 3. The ability to run reports and attach them as content to the notifications (for both native and BIRT reports). This can be either as an attachment (in Excel or PDF format) or as the content within the notification.
  • 4. The ability to set up a number of rules defining the notification triggers. These could be triggers on status changes, field changes (any possible attribute), or a combination of 2 or more of these. These rules would also vary from program to program, or project to project.
  • 5. While allowing all of the above, still retain the ability to set up some globally defined notifications.

[Admin: A similar question is posted in the Capital Project forum.]

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IV87840: No way to select child projects using the project picker

If you go into the TRIRIGA project picker, child projects are not listed. As a result, there is no way to get into the context of a child project and manage it.

As a temporary fix, clear the child project’s “Project Name” value (a value seen in the System tab). The Project Container Context query was displaying only the parent project records and not the child projects. Moving forward, the issue has been resolved by changing the Data Scope of Project Container Context query to All Projects, in order to display both parent and child project records.

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UX: How do you create a list that filters and shows one instance?

I am trying to display a list filtering by country’s name, but I want to display one country for each country I need. I have two ways of doing this.

  • One way has the list with one instance of each country, but does not filter when I type. I have associated this list with the building projects that are within each country so that it filters the projects by the country…
  • The second way of showing this list, filters the countries, but it shows duplicates of each country which is what I do not want. This way of filtering pulls from the query I created, and not the list from the previous example…

I need to have a list that functions with one instance of each country, and so that it filters the countries when I type. I just have no way to apply this to the code. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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