FM:Systems: Five new features of the FM:Interact 2017 release

We are very excited to announce the release of FM:Interact 2017. With this release, we’ve enhanced previous functions to improve user experience, and created brand new ones in order for organizations to get the most effective utilization of their space. So let’s get to it. What are the new functions?

1. Scenario Planning

You’ve been hearing some whispers about it, but now it’s fully developed! The Scenario Planning module provides you with the ability to create, visualize and “try on” potential space situations, such as build-outs, expansions, reorganizations, consolidations or reconfigurations — so you’ll be prepared no matter what happens…

2. FMx5 Markup & Measure

Markup and Measure provides users with the ability to draw and create spaces DIRECTLY on the FMx5 floor plan. After you save, you can see those changes reflected in AutoCAD real-time. This one is my personal favorite…

3. Data Change Request

To maintain the integrity of your Space Data, the ability to make changes are usually limited to Power Users and Space Planners. With this release, general users can now request changes to space while allowing planners and administrators the ability to review, accept or reject those changes before they ever hit production…

4. Data Auditing

You now have the ability to track everything that happens to your FM:Interact data by having visibility into all data actions performed by system users. This gives you insight on why a record has been modified, who modified it, and when…

5. FMx Sensors

Get real-time space utilization analysis on your facility data with our integration with seat utilization sensing technology and 3D Stereoscopic cameras. This gives you an unprecedented level of insight on how their facilities are really being used…

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FM:Systems: Integrating IoT-based sensors for real-time utilization

I’ve been closely watching the evolution of the modern office over the past several years as many organizations embrace alternative workplace strategies. This has been particularly driven by the ability of employees to work anytime and anywhere due to really incredible mobile technologies. While this has offered new and incredibly efficient ways to work, it’s also provided companies and institutions alike with new possibilities for better utilization of space. But it also has created some unique challenges when an organization asks itself, “How well are we using our space when our employees rarely sit in the same space day-to-day?”

Real-time Space Utilization Analysis

The answer is newly emerging Internet of Things (IoT) based sensor technologies that include a range of techniques such as heat sensing, vibration sensing, triangulation and 3D stereoscopic people sensing cameras. FM:Systems has formed a partnership with CoWorkr for instance…

3D Stereoscopic People Sensing

A second technology that I am very excited about which we just integrated and introduced at our annual User Conference is 3D stereoscopic cameras that perform people counting in and out of specific areas that have delineated on your floor plans! We’ve integrated the Hella APS-90 and 180 cameras

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ValuD: Why should more finance executives notice IBM TRIRIGA?

Through IBM TRIRIGA, financial teams can access real-time visibility, streamline processes, identify high- or under-performing locations, avoid over-payment and, most importantly, stay compliant with the latest regulations. Organizational leaders can establish and manage the most strategic goals and objectives within IBM TRIRIGA by logging into the Finance Executive role which focuses on the following:

  • Monitoring financial performance metrics and compliance.
  • Receiving and responding to approvals and notifications.
  • Running performance metrics, such as total occupancy cost per area, leased to owned ratios, capital cost ratio, operating cost ratio, and operation cost per area.

In today’s world where data is so plentiful, don’t lose your competitive edge by not taking advantage of integrated solutions purpose-built to help you boost your financial statements. If you are ready to make the next step with your system integrations or simply want to sit and talk through your roadmap, our team of experts would be happy to continue the conversation with you. We have successfully implemented IBM TRIRIGA with more than 40 clients across a wide range of industries…

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ValuD releases latest mobility app in IBM TRIRIGA marketplace

ValuD Consulting, LLC, (, the leading Real Estate and Facilities Management (RE/FM) technology strategy and IBM TRIRIGA service provider announced today the release of MobilD – a premier mobile application for IBM TRIRIGA. Aimed at bridging the gap between field work and desktop use in IBM TRIRIGA, MobilD promises to be a one-stop solution for busy clients who need access to the IBM TRIRIGA application anytime, anywhere.

The application helps facility managers streamline field processes that benefit from the use if IBM TRIRIGA, resulting in cost savings through increased productivity and more timely decision making. The first release of MobilD addressing the large market demand for the Self Service Requests, Approvals and Work Order Management. Based on active client feedback, future releases are being developed that will meet the needs of Conditions Assessments, Space Management, Reservation Management and Inventory Management.

Developed on Xamarin and Azure open source platforms, MobilD is fully compatible with iOS and Android and provides a real-time sync with the TRIRIGA desktop application. The application is capable of working in offline mode as well and has built-in processing rules to efficiently handle data conflicts. It is completely aligned to out-of-the-box TRIRIGA capabilities and eliminates the need for custom object creation in the IBM TRIRIGA application – ensuring absolute data security…

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Recipe: How do you use EnOcean sensors with Watson IoT RTI to create TRIRIGA work tasks?

For example, let’s say that a new System Administrator joins the company and needs to inspect the server room. The System Admin presses the switch on the door of the server room. Based on the pressed action, an event is generated from the switch sensor, which is connected to the IBM Watson IoT Platform. The IBM Watson IoT Real-Time Insights (RTI) analytics server captures the event in real time and alerts the Facility Manager for the server room. Based on the validation, the Facility Manager provides server room access to the System Admin and closes the work task in IBM TRIRIGA.


  • 1. EnOcean sensors.
  • 2. EnOcean smart gateway and software.
  • 3. IBM Watson IoT Platform and Real-Time Insights (RTI).
  • 4. TRIRIGA server (Version 10.5).


  • 1. Set up the EnOcean sensor and configure it with the EnOcean smart gateway.
  • 2. Create the EnOcean sensors as the devices, and the EnOcean smart gateway as the gateway in the IBM Watson IoT Platform.
  • 3. After the devices and gateways are registered, send the event and check the heartbeat of the sensors in the IBM Watson IoT Platform.
  • 4. Configure the Real-Time Insights (RTI) service to capture the EnOcean sensor events and feed the RTI rule for server room permission in TRIRIGA.
  • 5. Configure the custom REST in TRIRIGA using OSLC, Report Query, and Portal Builder.


[Admin: This post is related to the 03.23.16 post about using Real-Time Insights with TRIRIGA work orders to close a fridge door, and the 03.08.16 post about configuring a Watson IoT app on Bluemix to create TRIRIGA work orders. To see other related posts, use the Recipe tag or EnOcean tag.]

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Lobby Beacon at PNC Plaza Tower illuminates building energy use

From: Unusual Lobby Beacon at New Pittsburgh High-Rise Illuminates Building’s Energy Use, FacilitiesNet

The Tower at PNC Plaza in downtown Pittsburgh, which opened in October, is being touted as the greenest high-rise in the world, so it might as well have something innovative in its lobby. Enter the Beacon — a 24-foot-high light and media sculpture that visualizes the 33-story building’s performance in real time…

How does it do this? Well, the Beacon combines some 1,600 display panels into an integrated media canvas. Each panel has liquid crystal film that becomes clear when it receives electricity, or opaque without it. Inside is a grid of eight LEDs that show a range of colors. “These elements can be used simultaneously or separately to create animations with a variety of color, motion, and diffusion.”…

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