Where can you find information about the Availability section?

Starting in IBM TRIRIGA 10.5.2/3.5.2, the legacy Java applet-based Availability section is replaced with a JavaScript-based DHTML component Availability section.  The new version of the Availability section runs in all browsers listed in the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform compatibility matrix.

This version of the Availability section replaces the Java applet-based Availability section. The Java applet-based Availability section is deprecated. Most browser vendors are no longer supporting Java applets. For details on support, see Java applet support.

The Availability section in IBM TRIRIGA display the availability of resources over a period of time. The Availability section is implemented in several locations in the as-shipped IBM TRIRIGA, for example, the Find Available Times tab in the Location Reservation form and Concierge form.

You can use the availability user interface to find and book available times for reservable resources such as rooms and equipment. The table contains resources and the chart displays free and busy times for the resources. The currently specified Start date/time and End date/time are displayed as well…

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IV90194: Outlook add-in install fails on Program Files folder

If you attempt to install the Reserve Outlook add-in into a folder within C:\Program Files\… the information provided on the command line such as URL is NOT copied into the user’s outlook.properties file. However, if you select any other folder in the computer as an install location, then the details are updated into the outlook.properties file.

The problem with using any other location is that those locations are not trusted by Windows. As such, the application when invoked forces a popup which, due to the expired application signing certificate, is not pretty. This is quite scary and is likely to result in many of the users declining the installation.

Because the files are sent to the users’ computers silently, they will not be aware that the add-in has been deployed into their machine. Any popup around email is worrying, so it is easy to see people taking the Don’t Install option.

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When would the IBS_SPEC table be too large and need archiving?

We’re working with a customer who is looking to do a global deployment of Reserve. A question has been raised about IBS_SPEC having 40 million lines after a few months of cycling test data through. Not sure if that’s a particularly high number and whether the IBS_SPEC table gets cleaned out periodically. Do we have any numbers on customers with large footprints? If the table does get unwieldy when they go global, is there some archiving process we can recommend?…

At what point does IBS_SPEC (or IBS_SPEC_ASSIGNMENTS) get too large? And is there an archival process we can recommend? Do we have any numbers around large implementations that we can provide as a yardstick?

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What are the IBM TRIRIGA Reserve performance recommendations?

What are the recommendations for better performance on IBM TRIRIGA Reserve functionality? I need to tune my IBM TRIRIGA environment to have better performance for IBM TRIRIGA Reserve functionality.

Here’s a checklist for tuning your environment to achieve better performance for IBM TRIRIGA Reserve functionality:

[Admin: This post is related to the 07.25.16 post about the ongoing process for performance tuning. To see other related posts, use the Performance tag or Tuning tag.]

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ValuD: Training for IBM TRIRIGA Facilities (Space) Management

ValuD Course Code: VTA561
IBM Course Code: TA561
Duration: 3 days
Mode: Classroom or Virtual training
Price: $2,600

In this course, you will learn how to best capture, track, and manage spaces. Optional third day is available for the Reservation capabilities or Strategic Facility Planning (SFP) capabilities that can be used in conjunction with the IBM TRIRIGA Space Management module.

This is an intermediate-level course geared towards anyone working with the IBM TRIRIGA Space Management module and looking to leverage the IBM TRIRIGA Reserve Management or Strategic Facility Planning (SFP) module. It is ideal for Space Planners, Move Managers, Move Project Managers, Reservation Coordinators, and anyone else involved in Space Management.


The intent of this course is to educate participants about the IBM TRIRIGA Space Management module

To sign up or learn more about this training, see the full course details here.

[Admin: This post is related to the 05.13.16 post about ValuD training for ad-hoc reporting, the 04.04.16 post about ValuD training for Application Developer, and the 01.29.16 post about ValuD training for BIRT reporting.]

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