Where is the latest information on TRIRIGA lease accounting?

[Updated 06.10.16]

There are several locations:

  • (1) Our developerWorks wiki contains IBM TRIRIGA 10.5.1 links to documents about FASB/IASB best practices, partial payment calculations, and other enhancements.
  • (2) Our IBM Knowledge Center contains IBM TRIRIGA 10.5.1 topics about the role of the lease accounting manager in reviewing lease assumptions and the Accounting tab of a lease.
  • (3) On IBM Service Engage, you can also explore our Real Estate Finance Executive demo as “Frank Finance” and review lease accounting details.
  • (4) Our IBM Service Management YouTube channel contains a 13-minute video by John Clark about complying with the new lease accounting standard.

[Admin: This post is related to the 06.12.15 post and 09.29.14 post about finding information on TRIRIGA lease accounting. To see other related posts, use the Leases tag.]

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Did you know that IBM TRIRIGA SaaS is in the Cloud Shop?

IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management. TRIRIGA Real Estate Management (IWMS). Optimize space. Manage costs. Lower risk. Leverage an integrated workplace management solution and increase the operational, financial and environmental performance of your facilities and real estate.


[Admin: Similar to the Service Management cloud offerings on IBM Service Engage, the Cloud Shop offers a wider range of cloud offerings in the IBM Marketplace. This post is related to the 01.06.15 post about IBM TRIRIGA SaaS on Service Engage.]

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Infographic: Soaring into the clouds with IBM TRIRIGA

IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud — Powered by IBM TRIRIGA

ACQUISITION: The software helps identify which real estate strategy best fits your overall goals — to lease, buy or build — and manage your transactions more efficiently. Another bonus: it can show you high-return opportunities for capital funding.

MANAGEMENT: A truly integrated, streamlined management system gives you complete visibility and control over your workspaces — globally — from one location. Another bonus: it can help increase facility utilization by up to 85%.

UPKEEP: You’ll be able to reduce energy usage, predict maintenance schedules and see areas that need attention, which means a longer, cost-efficient life for your buildings. Another bonus: it can help reduce maintenance cost by up to 30%.

DISPOSAL: The analytics tools can tell you which facilities are underperforming and why, so you can decide if it’s better to just say goodbye.


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Screenshot: IBM TRIRIGA SaaS Self-Service User

IBM Service Engage. IBM TRIRIGA SaaS. Explore IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud. Explore our live demos with guided tutorials. In this screenshot, you follow one of the basic steps that self-service user “Pat Problem” takes to report a water leak at her facility. [Admin: Guess what? I wrote the steps!]


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Managing facilities and real estate on the cloud

I am thrilled to say that the interest in the IBM Facilities and Real Estate Manager on Cloud has been amazing! It has been only a month since we announced our SaaS version of IBM TRIRIGA as IBM Facilities and Real Estate Manager on Cloud, and there have been a lot of great questions asked by our prospects and customers. Many of them have been added to our new FAQ on the IBM Service Engage pages highlighting the facilities and real estate management functionality.

These customers recognize that IBM offers the most robust and versatile suite of fully integrated workplace management applications available, and want to decide how best to move forward and start realizing the benefits the solution provides. Since the announcement, one of the most frequently asked questions has been, when should I deploy IBM TRIRIGA on premise versus subscribe to IBM Facilities and Real Estate Manager on Cloud? To properly answer for any specific customer we need to talk through their specific wants and needs from their TRIRIGA implementation. That said, there are some generic guidelines that I can always share.

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Unveiling IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud

TUC Webcast: Jan 14, 2015 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Eastern Time)

If you live in a world where operating costs are too high or the space utilization is not optimized for the facilities you are responsible for? Is your IT staff focused on other projects and have limited time to invest in a new system and infrastructure? We have a solution that could make you a hero. Introducing IBM Facilities & Real Estate Management on the Cloud. Providing effective management of facility and real estate assets by: Increasing facility utilization, increasing ROI, reducing energy usage (cost), and increasing workplace productivity.

Join us to learn more about how this solution can help you achieve your energy reduction goals, maximize the returns on your projects, and streamline your leased asset management.

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Did you know that IBM TRIRIGA SaaS is now on Service Engage?

Facilities and Real Estate Management. Optimize space. Manage costs. Lower risk across your real estate portfolio. Simplify facilities planning and move management by identifying underutilized facilities, accelerating implementation of facilities plan, and determining the best possible space planning scenarios.


[Admin: This post is related to the 11.13.15 post about IBM TRIRIGA SaaS in the Cloud Shop.]

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