How do you rename forms without breaking CAD Integrator mapping?

I’ve made some modifications to a handful of forms that are connected to CAD BO Mapping records (e.g. triEmployee, triSpace, triFloor, etc.). I’ve updated the label to follow the traditional TRIRIGA customization standards and relabeled them with “cst” such as “cst-triSpace”. However, in AutoCAD, when I attempt to Smart Attach and/or Publish drawings, I get an error that seems to point towards the GUI Name of the form not lining up to the CAD Mapping. How do I get CAD Integrator to pick up the same form but with a different label?

When renaming those forms, you must make a few changes to the CAD backend:

  • 1. Create new CAD Mapping records that point to the new form. I recommend checking the old mapping records to make sure all fields are added properly.
  • 2. If you added any required fields, I believe that they need to be added to the CAD Mapping record.
  • 3. Open the CAD Hierarchy and make sure each node is pointing to the new Mapping record that you created from Step 1.
  • 4. Update the form on the CAD Label Style to point to the new form.

Note: If you are on a newer platform, I recommend keeping the form names as “tri”, and using object labels to manage versioning.

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Why doesn’t CAD Integrator “Smart Attach” load all the valid spaces?

Sometimes when using TRIRIGA CAD Integrator “Smart Attach”, some of the spaces are not being uploaded. There were 3D shapes around some spaces. There were values greater than 0 on z= dimension.

TRIRIGA does not support 3D polylines. You may have shapes with a value greater than zero on the z= dimension. You can find these using the AutoCAD PLIST command. To resolve this issue, it is necessary to use the AutoCAD “Flatten” command to force all polylines to be 2-dimensional. Other things to check: (1) The polylines are closed, (2) The shape and labels are on the layer you are selecting during the Smart Attach process, (3) The label is within the polyline boundary.

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Why does CI Smart Attach contain extra required fields for Reserve?

We recently upgraded our customer to TRIRIGA 3.5.2. Thus, we had to upgrade the CAD Integrator to Previously, when we used the Smart Attach, only 2 required fields were present: Current Use Space Class and Default Layout. But now, we have these additional required fields: Room Type, Reserve Calendar, Reserve Display Room Name, and Usage Unit. How can we turn off or disable these extra fields? The customer is not using Reserve yet.

In TRIRIGA, by default, the Reserve tab is not visible. But if the user clicks the Reservable check box in the General tab, then the Reserve tab is visible. So, the key is that the Reservable tab is not visible in the form metadata by default. Hence, CI would not consider those fields as required.

However, I assume that in your configuration, these Reserve fields are required? So, if a user creates a new space, they have to fill out the required Reserve fields before they can create it, right? CI is just attempting to emulate this situation.

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Is there a way to see the ci.log error when CI Smart Attach fails?

Is there a way to see the error generated when the CAD Integrator shows the following message? “The Smart Attach process failed. Please contact IBM Support.”

I’m getting this error after I verified there are no errors when I get to the point to attach the CAD drawing via AutoCAD. However, I’m getting this vague error. I modified the log4j file in the config directory to “DEBUG” mode. However, there are no logs generating in my laptop. Is this where the log file should have generated?

C:\ProgramData\IBM\TRIRIGA\CAD Integrator\log\ci.log

Okay, I was able to locate the “ci.log” file in my Windows folder. I had to set the Folder Options in Windows to show hidden folders because the “ProgramData” folder is a default hidden directory. However, after opening the “ci.log” file, the errors in the log is not organized in a way that can easily be debugged. There’s no error code to reference to research either via IBM or AutoCAD support portal…

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IV93274: Spaces can be attached to property or building not to floor

In TRIRIGA CAD Integrator, the Smart Attach allows a user to attach spaces directly to a property or building, instead of a floor, which causes orphan spaces. This occurs if you first try to upload to the property or building, and get a failure message. Then return to Smart Attach and try again.

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Why does CAD Integrator fail to publish due to an exception error?

For one of my drawings, I am unable to publish after performing a Smart Attach and Sync in CAD Integrator. See the CI error log details below. All of my other drawings seem to work well, so it’s not a recurring issue.

ERROR [](pool-1-thread-3) Publish failed due to EXCEPTION: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object...

[Admin: This post is related to the 11.02.15 post and 06.17.15 post about having an issue with publishing a drawing, and the 06.09.17 post about fixing the “ACDSDATA” publish error in CI MicroStation.]

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Can anyone help with TRIRIGA planning drawings?

I am looking at the Move Management process which involves Move Requests and particularly Design Change Requests, which is where the current IBM TRIRIGA documentation dries up. The process generally looks like this:

  • 1. The User/Move Manager creates a Design Change Request.
  • 2. The Move Manager adds an Interior Designer (CAD User) role and some Design Plan options (Question 1).
  • 3. The CAD User opens the floor plan to be changed and uses the CAD Integrator command, Drawing > Create Planning Drawing, to link to the Design Change Request Options and save the planning drawing to a project folder. In CAD Integrator, the planning drawing opens and allows editing, and publishing allows the Move Manager to review the options in the Design Change Request (Question 2).
  • 4. Once created and approved, what do I do with the planning and production drawings when the change has happened (Question 3)?

Here are my questions:

  • Question 1: If the request is to add locations, how does the Move Manager do this? The form is read-only (yes, I can make it read/write), but have I missed the OOB way to create these new locations?
  • Question 2: In the planning drawing, CAD Integrator allows the same functionality (almost) as it does with a production drawing, except create a space. Normally, in CI, you would Smart Attach or right-click the Attach Space dialogue. I get the same issue as Question 1: Why is the space form read-only? I cannot add spaces.
  • Question 3: Move Management allows for Move Line Items (MLIs) to be committed to the database with the “Close Out” action. So, should the planning drawing work similarly, i.e. make the changes to the production drawing from the planning drawing? If so, how do I action this? Or does the CAD User need to make the changes manually, including create the spaces in the production system before the Move Manager clicks “Close Out”?

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