How do you rename forms without breaking CAD Integrator mapping?

I’ve made some modifications to a handful of forms that are connected to CAD BO Mapping records (e.g. triEmployee, triSpace, triFloor, etc.). I’ve updated the label to follow the traditional TRIRIGA customization standards and relabeled them with “cst” such as “cst-triSpace”. However, in AutoCAD, when I attempt to Smart Attach and/or Publish drawings, I get an error that seems to point towards the GUI Name of the form not lining up to the CAD Mapping. How do I get CAD Integrator to pick up the same form but with a different label?

When renaming those forms, you must make a few changes to the CAD backend:

  • 1. Create new CAD Mapping records that point to the new form. I recommend checking the old mapping records to make sure all fields are added properly.
  • 2. If you added any required fields, I believe that they need to be added to the CAD Mapping record.
  • 3. Open the CAD Hierarchy and make sure each node is pointing to the new Mapping record that you created from Step 1.
  • 4. Update the form on the CAD Label Style to point to the new form.

Note: If you are on a newer platform, I recommend keeping the form names as “tri”, and using object labels to manage versioning.

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Is there a way for CAD Integrator to have multiple layers of labels?

We are working on CAD integrator (for AutoCAD) and we are wondering if it is possible to generate labels for spaces (based on label style) on different layers of the floor plan. For example, displaying the name and area on triLabelLayer and space class on triClassLayer. Actually, it seems that all the labels are created on the triLabelLayer. Is it possible to customize to allow multiple layers for labels?

I reviewed this with the developer. It would be a request for enhancement (RFE).

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UX: Why is triplat-datetime-picker “Done” button transparent?

I noticed that since upgrading from TRIRIGA to 3.5.2 (and, the “Done” button in the triplat-datetime-picker select modal is not visible since its background color is transparent (and therefore making the white text on the button blend in with the white background of the modal). Currently, we work around this with some CSS styling of the triplat-date-picker-element where it is used…

The style of the button is defined by the –tri-primary-button CSS mixin in the triplat-theme.html file. It can also be overridden by the application using the –triplat-date-picker-done-button mixin. Do you know if the –tri-primary-button has been changed in your environment? Or if your app uses the –triplat-date-picker-done-button mixin? Please do a fast test: Log on your app and open this URL…

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How do you change the font style in the tabs of TRIRIGA forms?

In TRIRIGA, how do I go about changing fonts for tabs inside the Style Manager?

Out of the box, the tabs inside of forms do not specify a style class. To change the fonts, you must go to the Form Builder, modify the form, and then specify a style class in the Style Class field… After the form has a style class associated with the tab, publish the form, and then you can go inside of Style Manager to change the font of the selected style class.

[Admin: This post is related to the 01.10.17 post about finding the right color options with the Style Manager.]

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IV93585: Query buttons change to links when using “Group By”

If you run a report that has a Group By, the server settings to display button links will be ignored and display the OK-Export-Cancel as text links. The text is too small to read for some users on the environment.

We needed to be able to update the styles to action buttons. Action buttons in Group By queries will now honor the setting for SYSTEM_ACTION_STYLE.

[Admin: The same article is also posted in the IBM Support Portal as a technote.]

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Is there a way to edit the alignment in the results of a query column?

Our client has asked us to change the alignment in the results of a query column from left-justified to center. Is it possible in TRIRIGA While I don’t think it is, since I haven’t been able to find any related option, I would appreciate any input.

Correct, the TRIRIGA Report Manager is a simple reporting tool. It’s mainly used to search, sort, and filter data from the TRIRIGA business objects, but there really isn’t much control for the layout that you can get out of a more advanced reporting tool. That said, the new TRIRIGA UX framework gives developers full control of formatting and styles using HTML5 and CSS, and you can display the data in a table/grid or whatever UI component you choose. Hope this helps.

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IV92514: Cannot perform Sync Full command in CI for MicroStation

After upgrading from CAD Integrator (CI) 12.1.1 to 12.1.4 for MicroStation, we cannot do a Sync Full command successfully, if there are more than 14 people assigned to any space. We get kicked out of MicroStation, or we get a message indicating that MicroStation stopped working and are forced to close the program.

The issue happens when there is a very long label applied. For example, the “People” label style appends every person to the label string. If the string is “too long”, i.e. more than 256 characters, it overflows the char buffer on the heap, causing stack corruption, usually causing MicroStation to crash immediately.

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How do you find the right color options with Style Manager?

Does anyone have a reference guide or working notes on the Style Manager?

I applied the TRIRIGA 3.5.0 skin to one of my environments, and wanted to change a few colors. Trial and error is horrible due to the number of options, similar names, and lack of alphabetical lists. There are also no pictures in the user guides anymore. I was hoping someone had some illustrations. The specific items I’m trying to change are highlighted…

  • Portals
    • The second-level menu background.
    • The color of the tab background.
  • Forms
    • The selected tab foreground color.
    • The outside border of the tab. With the muted color scheme, we need a little more definition, like a soft white, but we can’t find that option.

[Admin: This post is related to the 09.23.16 post about changing colors, and the 08.23.16 post and 09.30.16 post about Section 508 color-contrast compliance.]

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How do you change the color of the bottom navigation bar?

I’m looking for the parameter which allows me to change the color of the bottom page navigation bar. By using the Chrome “Inspect” function, I’ve found that the name of the CSS class is “actionBottom”, but can’t find any configuration from the TririgaStyle.xml (the file that is exported from the Style Manager). Can you please share the name of the related parameter name?

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