How do you update the Java in WebSphere Liberty Profile?

I am running IBM TRIRIGA with WebSphere Liberty Profile. How can I update the Java version that I am running in WebSphere Liberty Profile? With upgrades or maintenance, if I installed IBM TRIRIGA with WebSphere Liberty Profile, I might in the future need to update the Java that I am running in WebSphere Liberty Profile.

If you need guidance on how to update your Java version in WebSphere Liberty Profile, refer to the following documentation: Customizing the Liberty environment.

[Admin: The same article is also posted in the IBM TRIRIGA blog and Watson IoT Support blog.]

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IV88631: Funding allocations to multiple capital projects

Create two capital projects with identical names. Add those two projects to the program. Add funding for the first project from the fund that you created on the program. Add funding to the second project, from the same funding source.

Open the first project again, and you will see the funding you just added to Project 2 is also on Project 1. It does not create duplicate allocation records, but instead, associates the allocation to both projects, causing it to appear in both Project Fund Allocation sections.

[Admin: The same article is also posted in the IBM Support Portal as a technote.]

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Why aren’t TRIRIGA Web Services working on WebSphere 8.5.5?

TRIRIGA Web Services (WSDL) are not working on WebSphere 8.5.5 with TRIRIGA 3.4.2. The error “IncompatibleClassChangeError” is reported. The full error message is as follows:

Caused by: java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError:

TRIRIGA 3.4.2 uses the Apache Neethi 3.0.2 jar to support the web services associated with the Connector for Business Applications (CBA). However, it seems that WebSphere uses an earlier version of Neethi internally via [WebSphere root]\AppServer\plugins\org.apache.axis2.jar. The two versions of Neethi don’t particularly care for each other and result in an “IncompatibleClassChangeError” problem… Without the TRIRIGA 3.4.2 Neethi, web services do not work. Without the org.apache.axis2.jar, the WebSphere Admin Console (and probably some other things) do not work…

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Is there a way to hide the Action Items “Accept” for some users?

Is it possible to modify the Action Items portal section to hide the “Accept” button based on user profile or security group? The portal section appears to be a system type and does not have the option to be modified.

Any object with a “sys” prefix cannot be customized nor configured. In this case, the “Accept” action is a system section action. An alternative way is to create a custom portal section.

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How do you activate GC tracing for WebSphere Liberty (WLP)?

How do I activate Garbage Collection (GC) tracing for my IBM TRIRIGA application running on WebSphere Liberty Profile (WLP)? I need to start tracing GC for WLP to check if there are performance or stability issues due to GC runs.

[Admin: This post is related to the 09.29.14 post about tracing WebSphere GC runs for a TRIRIGA server.]

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