Why can’t you delete invalid values in List Manager after 10.5.2 OM?

I’ve noticed that after the upgrade for the 10.5.2 application, the Association Type list in List Manager has what appears to be bad or inappropriate values. Also, it doesn’t appear that I can delete them. The check box that is normally displayed for each entry is missing. The inappropriate values include:


Changes related to the UX framework caused changes to be introduced to the application OM. These need to be cleaned up in applications where the 10.5.2 OM package has been applied. At this time, the entries can be left alone as they are not being used and have no impact. We are developing a solution to remove these invalid entries and this document will be updated once that is made available.

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Why are different object labels displayed for the selected label?

Why are different object labels displayed for the object label that I selected in Object Label Manager?

In IBM TRIRIGA 3.5.2, this is new and it is working as designed… The list of objects on the Labeled Objects tab contains not only objects that currently have the object label, but also objects that previously had the object label. The current label for each object is displayed in the Current Object Label column.

[Admin: This post is related to the 06.10.16 post about finding information on object labels, and the 05.17.16 post about whether to stop renaming objects.]

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Why doesn’t TRIRIGA CAD Integrator complete the Sync Full process?

We’re unable to perform a Sync Full of CAD drawings if there are any people assigned to the spaces. Here’s the ci.log error:

ERROR [com.tririga.ci.sync.SyncServiceImpl](pool-1-thread-2) Sync failed.
com.tririga.ci.error.CiRuntimeException: com.tririga.ci.remote.shared.error.CiSharedException: Attach associated object could not find the association to use.

The CAD hierarchy for the custom configuration is not mapped correctly for triSubSpace. Custom business objects and forms were created for all property hierarchy items. But the existing triSubSpace CAD hierarchy node for triSubSpace was not changed. It still references “Space Mapping”, instead of “cstSpace Mapping”. This means both space mappings are part of the application definition (which have different forms). This was causing the Sync Full to fail. Updating the triSubSpace hierarchy node to point to the cstSpaceMapping will resolve this error.

[Admin: This post is related to the 09.12.16 post about a Sync failure in CI, and the 08.05.16 post about a Sync Full error in CI.]

[Admin: As a side note, with the 3.5.1 introduction of object labels and revisions, you’re not required in 3.5.1 or later to use the classic “cst” naming convention any more. For reference, here are the new naming convention best practices.]

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Why doesn’t the triCurrencyUO field update on payment line item?

We added a new currency and it is not working in production. However, when we copied the production database to a test environment, it does work.

A new currency was created “Serbian Dinar”. It was added to the UOM Values object and to the “Currency” list. The new currency was added to the real estate lease and the payment schedule with no issues. However, when payment schedules are generated and the payment line items are created, the triCurrencyUO field on the payment line item is blank and not updated from the payment schedule.

Clearing the TRIRIGA cache did not resolve this issue. The issue was resolved by restarting the application server.

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Why is TRIRIGA missing its server logs for several days?

Does TRIRIGA delete log files automatically? We have found that TRIRIGA is missing server logs for some days. What might account for this?

No, TRIRIGA does not delete log files. If you are missing server.log files, the application was probably down for those days or someone manually deleted them.

If the database is deleted while applications are still connected, error messages in the form of MID errors will write to the server.log file until all space is consumed on the server or the situation is resolved. Your IT department might have noticed the space consumption, tracked it to the server.log, and deleted the file to keep the server from going down.

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Why aren’t the group permissions to apply a template working?

I’m attempting to give one of our groups permissions to apply a RE Transaction Plan template and it isn’t working.

I’ve given them “Read, Update, Create and Delete” on the triRETransactionPlan template and all actions under the “Application Access” and “Form Action Access”. They also have full access to the triRETransactionPlan and full permissions to the “Application Access” and “Form Action Access”. Everything under both of those folders are set to “Inherited from Parent”. What am I missing?

They were given permissions to the template, but not the triActionForm. It is necessary to grant access in the business object triActionForm so that they could access the template popup. Give permissions to the triActionForm.

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