How do you send emails that show local time not server time?

I have a requirement. Whenever a user receives an email from the TRIRIGA application, the date-time should be displayed in local time, not the current server time. This should be based on different multiple time zones and not any particular one. Can anyone help me to achieve this through workflow activities in TRIRIGA?

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IV94518: Gantt chart is incorrectly populated from calendar picker

The date entered from within the Gantt section is not correctly populated when the date-time format is set to DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss.

We needed to pass the millisecond value instead of the formatted date-time value and adjusted it for the time zone offset. Moving forward, an issue is resolved where the Gantt date-time picker is not setting the correct value if the user date-time format is other than MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss. The user time zone offset will depend upon where the user is accessing the application. The date-time picker will adjust the date based on the location where the user is logged in.

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IV93085: Export to Excel in another time zone gives dates off by 1 day

Create a user with an Arizona time zone, while the application/database server is on a CST time zone. Create a building record with an “In Service Date” of 1/13/2017. The current time was 11:40 am. Create a query of buildings with columns “Name” and “In Service Date”. The values from the query are fine (1/13/2017), but when you export to Excel, the “In Service Date” in the export shows 1 day before (1/12/2017).

[Admin: This post is related to the 03.27.17 post in the Application Platform forum, and the 01.27.17 post in the Application Platform forum, which is related to IV93086 about the abbreviated year in payment schedules.]

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What values can be used for SYSTEM_DEFAULT_TIMEZONE?

One of the variables included in the file is displayed as:

# This sets the default TimeZone. This timezone is used where userId is not available
# like system notifications. Default is America/Los_Angeles.

If a user is setting up an application for a time zone other than America/Los_Angeles, what values can be used?

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UX: Having an issue with date-time from server in another time zone

I am having a problem with time zones. My server is set up in America/Los Angeles, but I am working from Europe/Madrid, so there are 7 hours of difference. When I retrieve a date-time with a <triplat-ds> component, it comes with the Los Angeles time zone, but I need to compare it with the hours where I am. But obviously, it doesn’t work, because of the difference. This is a part of my HTML code…

I assumed that the startDate and endDate are defined as Date fields in the business object. I can reproduce the issue and I will open an issue to fix that. Meanwhile, you can force server-side filtering instead of filtering in the client side…

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Why doesn’t the calendar picker work for dates past 31 Dec 2038?

When you try to use a calendar picker and the date is past 31 Dec 2038, that date is not available. It’s not possible to pick the date. The calendar picker browsing stops in December 2038.

The Dojo library timezone.js has 2038 as the maximum date. This affects any TRIRIGA environment up to The workaround is to manually enter the date, following the correct format, taking into consideration the localization. The fix is available in Fix Pack 2 for 3.4.2, which is available in Fix Central.

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.07.15 post about APAR IV75813 where you cannot select dates past 31-Dec-2038 with the calendar picker.]

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