IV93757: Scheduled events not being removed from T_SCHEDULEDEVENTS

Scheduled events are not being removed by the Cleanup Agent from the table T_SCHEDULEDEVENTS after the scheduled events are completed. This causes this table to grow immensely, especially for companies that use recurrence events in their calendar. Identifying the records can be done via SQL…

The deletion of these records are currently not automated by the Cleanup Agent.

Moving forward, the completed scheduled events older than the value specified in the property CLEANUP_AGENT_SCHEDULED_EVENT_COMPLETE_DAYS will
now be marked for deletion.

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IV93585: Query buttons change to links when using “Group By”

If you run a report that has a Group By, the server settings to display button links will be ignored and display the OK-Export-Cancel as text links. The text is too small to read for some users on the environment.

We needed to be able to update the styles to action buttons. Action buttons in Group By queries will now honor the TRIRIGAWEB.properties setting for SYSTEM_ACTION_STYLE.

[Admin: The same article is also posted in the IBM Support Portal as a technote.]

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IV92858: SESSION_HISTORY_TRACKING property is not removing sessions

When using Connector for Business Applications (CBA), the users are still being tracked in the SESSION_HISTORY table even though in the TRIRIGAWEB.properties file, there is a property SESSION_HISTORY_TRACKING, that when set to WEB_USER, is supposed to remove sessions from that table.

The user that is being used for CBA has a user count that is set to 50. When the user count = 1, everything works the way it is supposed to work. The issue shows itself when the user count = 50. As a result, there is a buildup of records inserted into the database, which causes the database to run out of space. So you have to manually delete the users from SESSION_HISTORY.

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Why don’t all resources display when creating a reservation?

When you create a reservation, for example, a Location Reservation, some of the resources do not display on the Find Available Times tab of the reservation.

By default, only 50 rows display when the Find Available Times tab of the Availability section of a reservation is rendered. If there are too many results, a warning about exceeding the row size is displayed. Your administrator can change the maximum number of rows that display by changing the AVAILABILITY_SECTION_ROW_LIMIT property in TRIRIGAWEB.properties. As noted above, the default value is set to 50 rows. If set to 0, -1, or other invalid value, the default number will be used.

Warning: If the property is set too high, performance issues might occur when rendering. Large values might cause memory issues. It is recommended that you update the backing reserve queries to reduce results or design filters that keep the number of record results under this value. Any value above the max value of 500 will be set to 500.

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IV90015: Large export to Excel causes out-of-memory crash

A large export to Microsoft Excel may cause an out-of-memory crash on the JVM or server, or cause a zero-byte or seemingly-corrupted Excel (XLSX) file. When analyzing the heap dump file, you will see the following classes taking the most of the JVM heap dump space:

  • (A) “com.tririga.architecture.web.process.useresponse.ExportExcell$2”, loaded by “<system class loader>”
  • (B) “org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.XSSFRichTextString”, loaded by “<system class loader>”

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