UX: How do you use triplat-route to navigate back to the main page?

I’ve been following the video tutorials on the UX framework, and I think I understand how triplat-route works now. However, I’m unsure how to navigate back to the main page from one of my elements in the iron-pages tag. Do I need to have a universal menu across my whole app? I’d prefer not to do that, if possible.

If you defined, in the root page, a home route like this:

<triplat-route id=”homeRoute” name=”home” path=”/”></triplat-route>

Then, inside a child page you can do this:

<triplat-route id=”homeRoute” name=”home”></triplat-route>

_navigateHome: function(){



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UX: How do you use Bower in the UX Framework?

I am new to the TRIRIGA UX Framework. I am learning Google Polymer through some online tutorials in which they are using Bower to manage packages. But I couldn’t find any tutorial on how we can use Bower in the UX Framework.

Is there any way to use Bower in the UX Framework? Or can we directly code without using Bower? I tried to push the bower.json file using the Sync command, but didn’t know how to use it. What I understood is that we can only push (or use) HTML files in the UX Framework. It will be very helpful if someone can clear these doubts.

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UX: Why doesn’t the UX routing work with triplat-route?

I am new to the UX framework and was going over the YouTube tutorials. But for some reason, I am not able to get the routing working. I have done the following:

  • 1. Imported the following packages…
  • 2. Added the following lines of code…
  • 3. Added the selector to handle the pages…
  • 4. Added the JavaScript to navigate to the next page…

When I click on the button, it is not redirecting me to the next page. I don’t get any errors on the browser. I have attached the file for reference.

I was able to figure out the issue. It was the way I added the elements: triplat-route is not supposed to be a child of triplat-ds…

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