IV94361: Queries use all database resources after upgrade to 3.5.2

After upgrading to TRIRIGA 3.5.2, customers may see similar queries being fired from report runs, and may get system freezes afterward since the database will be extremely busy executing them…

When applying Geography or Organization security, a group with root level \Organizations and a geography set at a low level like \Geography\North America\USA\Nevada\Las Vegas will no longer apply an Org-level security check on queries. The same goes for security groups unrestricted at the Geo-level, but set at a low level of the Org. The security check will be applied on a Geo and/or Org basis based on the root-level security setup for the Geo and/or Org.

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End of support for some TRIRIGA versions and supported platforms

As we approach the end of the first quarter, we thought we’d send a reminder about some of our IBM Watson IoT product versions and supported platforms that are currently scheduled for End of Support (EOS) in April 2017:

  • 30 April 2017: 5725-F25, IBM TRIRIGA Portfolio Data Manager, 10.2.x

Related announcements:

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.26.16 post about End of Support (EOS) plans for TRIRIGA versions.]

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Why aren’t the locator fields in editable queries populated in 3.5.2?

After upgrading to TRIRIGA 3.5.2, we are facing an issue on editable queries, where the locator fields are not populating after selecting a value from the popup query. Also, it logs out after we select a value, click “OK”, and refresh. Has someone faced the same issue? Or is it a known issue?

This issue is resolved in the Fix Pack and is now available on Fix Central. The readme file for can be found here.

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How are currencies handled in a globalized TRIRIGA environment?

IBM TRIRIGA made vast improvements in the globalization of currencies starting with TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.4.2. If you are on a platform version before 3.4.2, we urge you to upgrade to the most current version to take advantage of these enhancements. For the enhancements to work correctly, you must update your environment after you upgrade your platform. The following discussion highlights globalization areas to review after upgrade:

  • User Language: A language is defined in each user’s profile record. The language establishes the locale of the user…
  • User Currency: A currency is defined in each user’s profile record. When a user creates a record that includes a currency UOM…
  • UOM Value: Currency UOMs are defined in the Unit of Measure (UOM) values, which are found in Tools > Administration > Unit of Measure (UOM) > Values…
  • Language Code: Review the language codes in Tools > Administration > Globalization Manager > Language Code to ensure that they are correct for your company…

[Admin: To see other related posts, use the Currency tag or Globalization tag.]

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How do you revert an IBM TRIRIGA upgrade to a previous version?

How can I revert back an IBM TRIRIGA upgrade? Is there any way to do so? I need to get prepared and revert my system to a previous state in a case where there were system problems after an IBM TRIRIGA upgrade.

There is no uninstaller or code to revert back or downgrade your current IBM TRIRIGA Application or Platform version to a previous version. You must keep a reliable and preferably offline backup of the database (cold backup), in case you need to revert to a previous version.

Important note: If you have any new user or agent transactions during the period since the backup, they will be lost when you rollback the database. Bottom line: To manually “revert” to previous IBM TRIRIGA version you must…

[Admin: This post is related to the 06.10.16 post about object labels and revisions.]

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Can you migrate TRIRIGA from Linux OS to Windows OS or mix them?

Can you change operating systems? That is, start with Linux and migrate to Windows. Currently, we’re on TRIRIGA 3.3.1 and upgrading to the latest platform, and in the process, we would like to move to Windows Server. A related but hypothetical question: Can you run TRIRIGA with the app server on Linux and the process server on Windows?

TRIRIGA is OS agnostic. You can run a Linux app server and Windows database server, and vice versa. You could even throw AIX in the mix and have that run the process server, or any mix there of. In the lab, we have OS X MacBook Pros with a mixture of Windows and Linux VMs. Personally, I think Linux+Intel is a more stable server platform that has far fewer up-time issues versus Wintel (Windows+Intel). These days, most shops are migrating from Windows to Linux.

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Why can’t you delete invalid values in List Manager after 10.5.2 OM?

I’ve noticed that after the upgrade for the 10.5.2 application, the Association Type list in List Manager has what appears to be bad or inappropriate values. Also, it doesn’t appear that I can delete them. The check box that is normally displayed for each entry is missing. The inappropriate values include:


Changes related to the UX framework caused changes to be introduced to the application OM. These need to be cleaned up in applications where the 10.5.2 OM package has been applied. At this time, the entries can be left alone as they are not being used and have no impact. We are developing a solution to remove these invalid entries and this document will be updated once that is made available.

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