Can you use CAD drawings with overlapping polylines in TRIRIGA?

Our customer has CAD drawings with some polylines overlapping each other… The left-hand side of the studio theater has seats and staircases that are elevated. Underneath those seats and staircases are other rooms on the same floor.

We would like to attach these polylines as space records in TRIRIGA. I attempted and was able to attach this drawing. All areas of the created space records are correct. Each overlapping area is double counted towards both space records as desired. The only impact we found are:

  • The TRIRIGA graphics section can only display one of the overlapping polylines on top of another.
  • Some out-of-the-box area calculations might appear incorrect, such as Usable Area will be larger than Gross Area and Measured Gross Area.

Our customer can live with the above impact, but the IBM CAD Integrator/Publisher User Guide says it is required that all boundaries are closed, with no overlap. Is attaching CAD drawings with overlapping polylines workable in TRIRIGA and CAD Integrator? Does attaching this type of CAD drawings have any other impact?

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Is there information on shared, emergency, & overflow capacity?

I am looking for additional information on the definitions and use of the Shared Capacity Factor, Emergency Capacity, and Overflow Capacity fields in the space record… I cannot seem to find these terms mentioned in the user guides. Is there any documentation on this topic that I am missing?

[Admin: This post is related to the 12.11.15 post about where to find TRIRIGA user guide PDFs in a single ZIP.]

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Why can’t you save moves in the stacking tool in TRIRIGA 3.5.1?

I’m following the user guide and working with space scenarios. When I move organizations around, I see the move list. Once I click Save, the page refreshes, but nothing is saved. Is the stacking tool functional in 3.5.1?

Looks like it’s definitely broken. A stack record with the association string of “Stack Move Request” is created when I save, but the workflows are looking for records with the association string “Stack Move”, which will generate the move line items. This is an 100% OOB environment.

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Getting an HTTP Error 500 when previewing BIRT form reports

I recently upgraded to TRIRIGA platform 3.5.1 and installed Eclipse Kepler 4.3.1 per the 3.5 Reporting User Guide. I can import, create and preview a query report.

But when I import and create a form report, I get an error when trying to preview using View Report as PDF. HTTP ERROR: 500 Problem accessing /viewer/preview. Reason: Server Error. Powered by Jetty. Trying to preview in Web Viewer gets the same error except: Problem accessing /viewer/frameset. I have recreated this in multiple environments, including an OOB install of TRIRIGA 3.5.1. Please advise.

If you upgrade the BIRT Designer to version 4.6 that runs with Java 8, this issue should go away. We will be updating our Support Matrix to state that Designer 4.6 is required for preview to work… Are you running the Windows operating system for your application server? If you are, you will want to apply the Fix Pack which is available on Fix Central. It has a fix specific to BIRT and Windows OS.

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IV87665: Unclear which offline columns contain parameters

The TRIRIGA Application Building user guide specifies that the optional “Tririga to Excel” selector parameters “Query Section Name” and “Tab Name” can be used in the offline template “Tririga Object Map” tab to maintain the order of data present in a query section populated to an offline form.

But it does not say what columns these values need to be in, relative to the selector field, in order for them to work. Additional details on the required cell locations need to be added to the Application Building user guide to make this clear.

In order for the optional “Tririga to Excel” selector parameters to work properly, ensure that the following is true of the “Tririga Object Map” tab of the spreadsheet you are constructing:

  • 1. Module Name: This should be the 5th cell to the right of the Selector tag.
  • 2. Object Type Name: This should be the 6th cell to the right of the Selector tag.
  • 3. Query Section Name: This should be the 7th cell to the right of the Selector tag.
  • 4. Tab Name: This should be the 8th cell to the right of the Selector tag.

Moving forward, we need to add some details on the cell locations for the optional properties of the Selector tag.

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IV86983: Documentation needed for SQL Server authentication

Using IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.5.0 with SQL Server, it is not made clear in the installation documentation whether the Database User Account can use Windows or Domain authentication.

As a temporary fix, allow “SQL Server Authentication” and set up a relevant user account with database owner (DBO) permissions, as this is a known working configuration. The following notes will be added to the TRIRIGA installation guide “SQL Server” sections:

  • Note: Only “SQL Server Authentication” is supported. “Windows Authentication” is not supported.
  • Note: The SQL Server account must have “DBO permission access” to the database.

Moving forward, the installation guide has been updated by stating the requirement for “SQL Server Authentication” and the fact that the account must be the “DBO” for the database.

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