UX: How do you reuse an existing model in a new UX application?

I would like to create a page, which uses an existing model. How can this be done? I have already written some models, and wanted to reuse them in the new application I am writing. Are there any samples I can go through?

Assuming your new application relies on the same BO and fields defined in the model you’re attempting to reuse, you can link the new application in the Model-and-View Designer. For example: Your existing UX application will include Model (M1), View (V1), Model and View (M1V1), and Application (A1). So, for the new app, you would to create: View (V2), Model and View (M1V2), and Application (A2). Basically, the configuration needs to be done in Model-and-View Designer.

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IV83296: Privilege escalation vulnerability in builder tools

The TRIRIGA user is able to view or modify resources, and perform functions that they have not been authorized to, at various points throughout the application.

Steps to replicate:

  • 1. Login to the application with a user who has access to Workflow Builder.
  • 2. Navigate to edit a workflow. Copy the URL.
  • 3. Login with a user who does NOT have access to Workflow Builder.
  • 4. Adjust the security token in the copied URL and access the Workflow Builder with a non-authorized user.

In review of the failed pen test (penetration test), it seems this issue also exists for Reports (resolved), Lists, Globalization Manager, Currency Conversion, Portal Builder, and the UX Designers.

The TRIRIGA builder tools are vulnerable to privilege escalation. Moving forward, we fixed a privilege escalation vulnerability within the builder tools.

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