UX: How do you access smart section fields on triPeopleLink BO?

We have a smart section listing the user permissions on a BO in the classic forms view that we need to access from the UX framework. I saw some posts about smart section BOs in the beta Slack channel from late August last year.

But I cannot get it to work with the suggested method, since the field I am looking for is in the triPeopleLink BO (triPeople module), yet the association to the record is to the triPeople BO (triPeople module). Does anyone have an idea on how to access this smart section data located in the triPeopleLink BO?

The UX Framework does not provide the functionality to achieve that yet. You can open a request for enhancement (RFE) for that functionality.

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.30.16 post about using smart sections to open records in UX.]

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What is the IBM TRIRIGA compatibility with Apple iPads?

I’m not sure if the supported OS list includes iOS officially. With the advent of iPad Pro devices, the line between iPhone-like devices and computers gets further blurred. After all, an iPad Pro begins to feel a lot like a MacBook Air. There is support for Safari on a computer as well, and generally the move is to become device-agnostic.

But I need to put forth some guidance about iPad Pro devices and TRIRIGA. My initial observation is that some basic functions don’t work correctly, perhaps HTML5 related? For example, rendering the portal. The page starts loading correctly, then the screen jiggers a bit and seems to stabilize, but scroll bars never appear and the user cannot move up or down. I’ve tested in both Safari and Chrome.

Official support of IBM TRIRIGA on iPad is limited to the IBM TRIRIGA UX Framework and Perceptive Applications. Traditional TRIRIGA, portal, and non-UX applications are only supported on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems when running Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or IE11. Although a lot of non-UX TRIRIGA will load on an iPad, you will run into some limitations as you have noted above…

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UX: Does anyone know if a Space Assessment user guide exists?

I wanted to reach out to the group to see if anyone knows if a user guide exists on how to use this UX Space Assessment module. I am a trainer and wanted to know if something exists before I create a guide myself.

You can find Space Assessment information in UX Article 4: “Navigating UX“.

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