Is there another way to restart TRIRIGA service without BAT files?

To keep TRIRIGA from dropping servers, I have to restart the TRIRIGA service every night. Does anyone else have to do this? If so, how are you doing it?

I execute the “shutdown.bat” then the “run.bat” via Control-M. The location of these two BAT files are: D:\Tririga_3.5.1\wlp\bin. But the “binserver.bat” file does not exist: D:\Tririga_3.5.1\wlp\binserver.bat start tririgaServer. I’m using the WebSphere Liberty Profile (WLP) and it’s set up as a Windows service as well. Can I just restart the Windows service instead of the BAT files? Why doesn’t the “binserver.bat” exist?

The “run.bat” file seems to work just fine, but my Control-M job gets hung up. So I would like to find another way to restart the service if possible.

[Admin: This post is related to the 06.16.16 post about restarting TRIRIGA on WAS Liberty Profile in Windows, and the 04.28.16 post about running a WAS Liberty Profile as a Windows service.]

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IV95147: Report/query thumbnails not displayed properly in WebLogic

After upgrading to TRIRIGA 3.5.1.x or later, some customers are having issues with thumbnail images on reports and/or queries not being displayed correctly.

WebLogic incorrectly parses a JSP by adding white space that corrupts image thumbnails. Meanwhile, WebSphere and Liberty parse the JSP correctly. Moving forward, we resolved an issue where Oracle WebLogic was incorrectly interpreting TRIRIGA code, and injecting extra white space that caused thumbnail images to be displayed as broken images.

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How do you set the TRIRIGA session expiration warning in the portal?

The IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform has the ability to notify users on their portal if their session is about to expire. The message will not be displayed on any popups or modal windows, only on the main portal page.

To allow the alert message to be displayed on the portal to a user whose session is about to expire, set SESSION_WARNING_ENABLED=Y in By default, it is N. The default alert timeout threshold is 2 minutes before the session is set to expire, as follows: SESSION_WARNING_THRESHOLD=2.

The session expiration timeout itself can be found in the following locations:

  • WebSphere Liberty:
    • Edit wlp/usr/servers/tririgaServer/server.xml.
    • Update the invalidationTimeout value in seconds.
  • WebSphere:
    • In the Websphere Console, navigate to Servers > Application Servers > Your Server > Web Container > Session Management and/or Applications > Enterprise Applications > Your Application > Session Management.
  • Oracle WebLogic:
    • In the WebLogic Console, navigate to Your Domain > Deployments.
    • Expand the tririga-ibs deployment node. Expand the Modules node.
    • Click on the context root node. (The context root was selected during TRIRIGA install. The default name is “/”.)
    • Select the Configurations tab.
    • Enter a value for Session Timeout (in seconds), and Save.
    • You may be asked to select a location for Plan.xml, which will be generated upon saving.
    • You may need to restart the WebLogic Server.

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Why doesn’t “Started in X minutes X seconds” display in server.log?

When running WebSphere Application Server, you will not see the message “Started in X minutes X seconds” displayed in the TRIRIGA server.log, compared to the startup of the application under the JBoss Application Server.

This is due to the way that WebSphere writes to log files. The TRIRIGA startup message will display in the WebSphere systemout.log file and looks like this:

[11/14/16 11:26:50:850 CST] 00000046 ApplicationMg A WSVR0221I: Application started: tririga-ibs
[11/14/16 11:26:50:850 CST] 00000046 CompositionUn A WSVR0191I: Composition unit WebSphere:cuname=tririga-ibs in BLA WebSphere:blaname=tririga-ibs started.

The systemout.log file can be found at: {WASInstall}/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01/logs/server1

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Can you stop the database and leave the TRIRIGA JVMs running?

What are the concerns about stopping my database for maintenance and leaving IBM TRIRIGA JVMs (JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere) up and running at this point? Will they be reconnecting automatically after my database is up and running again? I need to programmatically schedule database maintenance for my TRIRIGA system.

When the database is down, the application server (JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere) will be receiving connection issues to the JDBC component and JVMs will stop responding after that. If the database comes up again, the application server will not reconnect the JVM automatically. The JVM needs to be restarted manually after that.

The best practice for database maintenance requiring database shutdown will always be to shutdown all applications and sessions connected to it BEFORE the database itself. It gives systems the time to close the ongoing transactions gracefully.

If you need to coordinate database maintenance and JVMs automatic restarts, you need to create a batch script to manage that. This is a customized script (not under IBM TRIRIGA support) that will be stopping the JVMs first, then starting the database maintenance itself (likely stopping the database first), then restarting the database and firing commands to restart the application server IBM TRIRIGA JVMs.

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