How do you disable the project context for the WPM license?

We’re testing TRIRIGA Platform 3.5.3 and we noticed a difference in the (project context) “Company/Project” toggle visibility. The users have access to the license “IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management Projects” and it now displays the toggle option (it didn’t display before). When we remove this license, the toggle disappears. Is this new behavior documented anywhere? I did some research and I couldn’t find anything. Is there a way to remove this option for specific groups?

[Admin: This post is related to the 02.13.17 post about the relationship between project context and security.]

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Having an issue with dashboards not loading metrics

[Updated 07.02.15]

In our demo environment, dashboards load correctly and drop-down lists are populated. But in our development environment, dashboards do not load and drop-down lists are not populated… I get some warnings in the log when I interact with the UI… I am also getting a bunch of warnings in the security.log file…

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[Updated 06.12.15]

I have a problem with TRIRIGA dashboards.

  • (1) When I load a dashboard by clicking on a performance metric in the portal, the WPM screen appears but it is empty (no metrics in the left pane). There is no error in the server.log for this step.
  • (2) When I try to select a value in the droplist (right-pane), I get the following error (the SPEC_ID varies depending on the WPM dashboard I access, here it is WPM Space Planner):
    Caused by: com.tririga.platform.query.api.QueryException: Hierarchical instance data of SPEC_ID 1588134 has an invalid starting point.
  • (3) When I am in the Condition Assessment WPM screen, I get the SPEC_ID for the root building system class (1656207) .

Any idea where this can come from? Can this come from the upgrade to 10.4.1?

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Having an issue with the On-Time Service Responsiveness (%) metric report

I am trying to get a metric report to run and cannot figure out why this report is not working.

Steps to recreate this issue:

  • Login as an admin user or anyone that has the WPM license.
  • Navigate to Requests. Select On-Time Service Responsiveness (%).
  • The metric query is located in the Performance Metrics – Request section of the Requests landing page.

If you run it, you get no results. From what I understand, you have to go into System Setup and select ETL Job Item. I did run this for location, classification, and organizations and I still get no data. Is there something that I am missing?

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