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How do you build a TRIRIGA app?

First of all, if you’re new to TRIRIGA, there are two main types of TRIRIGA apps: Classic and UX. So if you want to build a classic application on our classic platform, take a look at our Application Building user guide. But if you want to build a UX app on our UX framework, feel free to explore our UX Articles below. Good luck!

[Admin: This content comes from the original mobile-friendly PDFs. This content is also related to the 12.11.15 post about the UX framework.]

UX Articles

Jay Manaloto, IBM TRIRIGA Information Developer, presents a new vision of “cool, casual, and consumable” articles, written in the same conversational and colorful way as his blog posts. Inspired by the big bold visual impact of WordPress, he splits the mobile-friendly content into more-digestible chunks too. Ready to build a UX app?

Introducing UX: Shifting to a more modern IBM TRIRIGA UX framework

CONGRATULATIONS! So you’ve heard about the new UX application framework. You’ve thought about it and you’re ready to dive in. But what exactly is TRIRIGA UX? How do you get started? First, let’s introduce a few key concepts. After all, this isn’t the same old TRIRIGA anymore.

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Implementing UX: Building a simple application in the IBM TRIRIGA UX framework

STILL INTERESTED? If you missed my first article, I discussed the key concepts and challenges of the UX framework. Don’t worry, I’ll give a brief summary. But if you’ve read the article, what’s next? This time, we’ll get a basic idea of how to build a simple UX application. Sounds good?

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Extending UX: Adding more functionality to your IBM TRIRIGA UX application

STILL HUNGRY? If you’re ready for a third serving, I admire your appetite! In my first two articles, we explored the concepts and built a simple UX application. This time, we’ll extend our simple application with new fields, buttons, dialogs, toasts, and ways to manipulate records.

Navigating UX: Guiding your way through the new IBM TRIRIGA UX apps and tools

WHAT’S NEW? By now, you might’ve seen my first few articles, where we explored the concepts, built a simple app, and extended that app. But this article will be a little different. This time, we’ll navigate UX apps and tools not as developers, but as everyday users and administrators. Ready?

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Classic Docs & UX: Identifying the classic docs affected by the IBM TRIRIGA UX framework

WHAT’S CLASSIC? Our classic documentation refers to the traditional HTML and PDF content found in our IBM Knowledge Center. So these UX articles aren’t classic. But whether or not you use the UX framework, you should be aware of new options in our classic tools. Care to look?

UX Videos

The IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform team presents the key concepts of the UX framework, and the new UX options in our classic platform tools. Meanwhile, the IBM TRIRIGA Application team presents the new Perceptive applications — the Space Assessment app and Space Management app.

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UX Lessons

Jay Manaloto, IBM TRIRIGA Information Developer and author of the UX Articles, presents a series of bite-sized 1-to-2-minute UX Lessons, based on the content of UX Articles 1, 2, and 3, not only for desktop online learning, but also for mobile, on-the-go learning. In other words, a lighter and quicker yet more engaging audiovisual approach that complements the PDF articles. At least, that’s the hope!

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