UX Lessons

How do you build a TRIRIGA app?

First of all, if you’re new to TRIRIGA, there are two main types of TRIRIGA apps: Classic and UX. So if you want to build a classic application on our classic platform, take a look at our Application Building user guide. But if you want to build a UX app on our UX framework, feel free to explore our UX Lessons below. Good luck!

[Admin: This content is related to the UX Articles and UX Videos blog pages. This content is also related to the 12.11.15 post about the UX framework.]

UX Lessons

[Updated 03.11.21: In April 2021, TRIRIGAFEEDIA will retire or “sunset” its Adobe Captivate-based eLearning modules called “UX Lessons“.]

Jay Manaloto, IBM TRIRIGA Information Developer and author of the UX Articles, presents a series of bite-sized 1-to-2-minute UX Lessons, based on the content of UX Articles 1, 2, and 3, not only for desktop online learning, but also for mobile, on-the-go learning. In other words, a lighter and quicker yet more engaging audiovisual approach that complements the PDF articles. At least, that’s the hope!

Jay: Tell me what you think about my UX Lessons so far. Feel free to reply at the bottom of this post. I think the lessons run pretty well on desktop browsers, but on Android smartphones, they seem to run more smoothly on Firefox than on Chrome, Dolphin, or Cheetah. I haven’t tried iOS browsers yet. Thanks for your time!

I. Introducing UX

UX Lesson 1: What is MVC? What is TRIRIGA UX?


UX Lesson 2: What is the UX Model?


UX Lesson 3: What is the UX View?


II. Implementing UX

UX Lesson 1: Can we build the UX App?


UX Lesson 2: Can we define the model?


UX Lesson 3: Can we define the view connections?


UX Lesson 4: Can we define the view?


UX Lesson 5: Can we design the view?


III. Extending UX

UX Lesson 1: Can we add other field types?


UX Lesson 2: Can we display messages?


UX Lesson 3: Can we modify records?


UX Lesson 4: Can we customize components?


UX Videos

The IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform team presents the key concepts of the UX framework, and the new UX options in our classic platform tools. Meanwhile, the IBM TRIRIGA Application team presents the new Perceptive applications — the Space Assessment app, Space Management app, Move Me app, and Group Move app.

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