Implementing UX: UX Lesson 4

II. Implementing UX: UX Lesson 4

UX Lesson 4: Can we define the view?


  • 1 Implementing UX
  • 2 View: Now let’s define the view itself. First, save the WebViewSync file in a folder that’s easy to remember. Open your command prompt and navigate to that folder. Run the following initialize command and enter the URL, username, and password for your TRIRIGA environment. Your URL should include a valid FQDN or valid IP address.
  • 3 HTML File: Next, let’s add the HTML file. Earlier, we skipped the View Files section of the view metadata. This time, we’ll auto-populate that section. In your command prompt, run the following addview command, where view-exposed-name is the exposed name of your view, and -s (dash s) generates the starter view file.
  • 4 Web View Metadata: After the HTML file is added, you’ll see a new subfolder where you saved the WebViewSync file. Inside the subfolder, you’ll see the actual HTML file for the starter view. To verify the view metadata, return to the Web View Designer and open your view. You’ll see that the View Files section is now populated with the same HTML file.
  • 5 Application Access: Finally, let’s access your new application. Open a supported browser, and enter the following URL, where [yourApp] is the exposed name of your application. If you can see the starter view, that’s great! Guess what? You’re done with the third part! You’ve just defined your view and accessed your application. Ready for the best part?
  • Quiz Question 1
  • Quiz Question 2

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