Introducing UX: UX Lesson 1

I. Introducing UX: UX Lesson 1

UX Lesson 1: What is MVC? What is TRIRIGA UX?


  • 1 Introducing UX
  • 2 What is MVC?: So what is MVC? What does it have to do with TRIRIGA UX? Basically, an MVC approach breaks down web applications into 3 components or layers. The Model retrieves the data. The View renders the interfaces. And the Controller converts user inputs into commands for the first two.
  • 3 Layers: By dividing an application into these layers, you can swap out one layer with little or no impact to the other layers.
  • 4 Problem: The problem is classic TRIRIGA components are too tightly coupled to each other. So if you try to swap out a classic form, it’ll cause a big impact.
  • 5 What is TRIRIGA UX?: This is where the TRIRIGA UX framework comes in! It introduces 2 new metadata concepts: Models and Views.
  • 6 UX Apps: UX Models are made up of data-source metadata. While UX Views are made up of HTML files built with Google Polymer and Polymer-based web components. Together, UX Models and UX Views are used to create UX apps that are easier to design, build, and extend. And isn’t that the point?
  • Quiz Question 1
  • Quiz Question 2

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