Introducing UX: UX Lesson 3

I. Introducing UX: UX Lesson 3

UX Lesson 3: What is the UX View?


  • 1 Introducing UX
  • 2 What is the UX View?: Now, let’s dig deeper into the UX View. Earlier, I mentioned that in MVC, the View renders the interfaces. And in our UX framework, UX Views are made up of HTML files built with Google Polymer and Polymer-based web components.
  • 3 Metadata: To be fair, the UX View relies on its own set of metadata too. But after the web-view metadata and other metadata connections are defined, the HTML files are where you design your interface in whatever way you need to represent your UX View.
  • 4 TRIRIGA Components: In fact, you can design your HTML files with several types of HTML components. First, you can use TRIRIGA components. These are Polymer-based components that are designed and developed by the TRIRIGA team. Examples include <triplat-ds>, <triplat-graphic>, and <triplat-search-input>.
  • 5 Custom Components: Second, you can use custom components. These would be Polymer-based components too, that you can customize from TRIRIGA components, Polymer elements, or design from scratch.
  • 6 Polymer Elements: Third, you can use Polymer elements. These would be elements taken directly from the Polymer library, such as Iron elements and Paper elements. Examples include <paper-material>, <paper-input>, and <paper-button>. For more Polymer info, check out
  • 7 HTML Elements: Finally, you can use traditional HTML elements. Examples include the <div> tag for containers, <h1> tag for headings, and <p> tag for paragraphs.
  • 8 CSS Styles: In fact, you can also add CSS styles to any of these TRIRIGA components, custom components, Polymer elements, and traditional HTML elements. So, what do you think of the UX View and its HTML components?
  • Quiz Question 1
  • Quiz Question 2

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