What’s a cool name for a TRIRIGA framework?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an entry called “What is TRIRIGA code name Shift?” In response, Tamara at Levin Global noted that “it’s no longer called ‘Shift’! At Sales Academy we were told that the name was changing!” In fact, I heard the same news. But what would the new name be like? Short? Sweet?

TRIRIGA Momentum… or not?

To paint some context, let’s rewind a decade. Back in 2005-2007, some of you might remember that the TRIRIGA Platform was once known by the name “TRIRIGA Momentum”. That is, until external circumstances terminated its usage. But while it lasted, I thought the name wasn’t so bad. Pretty short and sweet, yet also strong.

IBM TRIRIGA SaaS… or not?

In 2015, TRIRIGA finally released its SaaS solution! Sadly, instead of a short-and-sweet name like “IBM TRIRIGA SaaS”, the final product name stretched out into an awkward tongue-twister, “IBM Facilities and Real Estate Manager on Cloud”. Not only does washing away the unique “TRIRIGA” name and “SaaS” description make it harder to find in search engines, I’ve seen at least 4 different versions of the name:

IBM TRIRIGA Shift… or not?

So what will happen to “Shift”? I’m not sure. Although “Shift” was the original development code name for the new framework, “IBM TRIRIGA Shift” still works as a releasable framework name. Like “TRIRIGA Momentum”, it’s short and sweet, yet also strong. It’s easy to say. I like it. So I hope the final result doesn’t wash away the unique “TRIRIGA” name or stretch into another clumsy tongue-twister.

After all, isn’t a short name supposed to save the trouble of a long description? Can you imagine the name “IBM Framework for Responsive Facilities and Real Estate Applications”? Or if it also becomes a SaaS offering, can you imagine adding “On Cloud”? Unfortunately, I think I can. How about you? How would you name it?

  • IBM TRIRIGA Shift? Keep it!

[Admin: This post appeared first on TRIRIGAFEEDIA. This post is related to the 12.11.15 post about the UX Framework. “Shift” was renamed “UX Framework” on the platform side, while “Perceptive” refers to TRIRIGA-built UX apps on the application side.]


3 thoughts on “What’s a cool name for a TRIRIGA framework?

  1. How about ‘Tririga Acceleration’? or ‘Tririga Boss’?


    • Hi Craig, I like the idea behind “Acceleration” or “Accelerate”. To go faster! But what’s the idea behind “Boss”? To be in charge? Hmm, “TRIRIGA Charge” sounds interesting, haha.


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