Top Ten TRIRIGAFEEDIA posts of September 2016

Yes, it’s that time again! In September 2016, TRIRIGAFEEDIA earned 5789 views from 1781 visitors. This top ten represented 5.4% or 311 of these views, which was one of the highest “spikes” for any set of top-ten posts so far, not bad. Any top-ten list that earns more than 5% of the monthly views represents a pretty high spike. Once again, there was a ton of activity with certification training, process diagrams, WebSphere errors, and TRIRIGA competitors. So, here were the top-ten posts!

Rank Post Hits
1 How do you earn a professional TRIRIGA certification? 61
2 Where can you find the IBM TRIRIGA process flow diagrams? 57
3 Why do you see “Max connections reached” errors in WebSphere? 40
4 Who are some CAFM, CMMS, EAM, & IWMS competitors of IBM TRIRIGA? 36
5 11th Civil Engineer Squadron is first in Air Force to use TRIRIGA 30
6 What are the TRIRIGA training paths to certification? 29
7 *UX Lessons 17
8 Introducing the TRIRIGA integration options 14
9 What does the TRIRIGA scheduler engine do and how is it used? 14
10 How do you see the IBM TRIRIGA version? 13
*Technically, a page, not a dated post. But worth ranking.


Rank (Previous) Country Hits (%)
1 (1)  United States 2902 (50.1%)
2 (2)  India 1098 (19.0%)
3 (3)  Canada 354 (6.1%)
4 (4)  United Kingdom 191 (3.3%)
5 (10+)  Morocco 124 (2.1%)
6 (8)  Brazil 106 (1.8%)
7 (10+)  France 95 (1.6%)
8 (10+)  Russia 84 (1.5%)
9 (6)  Australia 67 (1.2%)
10 (10+)  Singapore 65 (1.1%)

[Admin: This post appeared first on TRIRIGAFEEDIA. This post is related to the 09.01.16 post about the top-ten posts of August 2016.]

IV89575: Section 508 compliance for keyboard access

Not sure where the cursor goes from My Bookmarks with associated Defect #235668.

We needed to enable the focus outline and make all supported browsers display a consistent look (in the Chrome style).

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.23.16 post about the TRIRIGA 3.5.1 style sheet and Section 508 compliance.]

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IV89583: Section 508 compliance for repetitive content

There is no method to skip repetitive content. We can’t find the anchors with associated Defect #235671.

We have a function called Skip Navigation that solves this problem.

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.23.16 post about the TRIRIGA 3.5.1 style sheet and Section 508 compliance.]

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IV89582: Section 508 compliance for color contrast

The contrast ratio is less than 4.5:1 for content background and foreground colors with associated Defect #235648.

IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT) used the wrong foreground and background colors to do the contrast ratio calculation.

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.23.16 post about the TRIRIGA 3.5.1 style sheet and Section 508 compliance.]

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IV89474: Trying to accept action items gives security warning

A user that was previously able to accept action items, now receives the message “TRIRIGA Security Warning: You do not have permission to access this page. Contact your TRIRIGA administrator. Thank you.” when clicking “Accept”.

We needed to set up the accept task action to follow the correct security. Moving forward, the issue was resolved where a user was getting no access when trying to accept an action item.

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How do you update the Java in WebSphere Liberty Profile?

I am running IBM TRIRIGA with WebSphere Liberty Profile. How can I update the Java version that I am running in WebSphere Liberty Profile? With upgrades or maintenance, if I installed IBM TRIRIGA with WebSphere Liberty Profile, I might in the future need to update the Java that I am running in WebSphere Liberty Profile.

If you need guidance on how to update your Java version in WebSphere Liberty Profile, refer to the following documentation: Customizing the Liberty environment.

[Admin: The same article is also posted in the IBM TRIRIGA blog and Watson IoT Support blog.]

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Is there a way to hide the theme on some spaces on a floor plan?

We have a requirement to hide certain names on a floor plan in a graphics section, specifically when we do a locate person search. We have a switch on the person record that occupies the space that indicates whether it should be displayed or not. Our theme is set to show the last name on the spaces. Is it possible to utilize the same switch to not show the name on certain spaces on the floor plan?

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