Planon: Is BIM just a big information mess?

What to watch for when preparing for building information modeling (BIM) adoption? Although mitigation measures will be available for any impediments, the total picture is probably still pretty complex to allow for a wide and swift adoption of BIM technology for the lifecycle of buildings…

The BIM technology industry itself has yet to address some specific requirements inherent to building lifecycle management. BIM technology needs to move from a project-tool-set proposition to a digital business service. Developments in IT are moving fast and one can expect the BIM vendors to address them…

There are several indisputable reasons why BIM is slowly but steadily being adopted in specific industries and areas… In addition to avoiding this wasted time and money, there are two other primary reasons why organisations are shifting towards inclusion of BIM in their facility management processes:

  • On an operational level, the visualisations that BIM provides can enable higher levels of efficiency and security in operating and maintaining the facilities.
  • Another reason is compliance. There are governments who demand the use of BIM systems in order for permits to be granted for building development. Other governments require the availability of BIM models for any facility they occupy or rent…

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IV93170: Revised Funds discounted twice in capital projects

This was seen with TRIRIGA Application 10.5.2. The final amount for the Revised Funds is being discounted twice for positive or negative values…

Check the Revised Funds value. In the client’s example, it was expected to be $900,000.00 USD as only $100,000.00 was discounted out of $1 million USD. But it was discounted twice and it showed $800,000.00 in the Revised Funds column.

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Is there a way to edit the alignment in the results of a query column?

Our client has asked us to change the alignment in the results of a query column from left-justified to center. Is it possible in TRIRIGA While I don’t think it is, since I haven’t been able to find any related option, I would appreciate any input.

Correct, the TRIRIGA Report Manager is a simple reporting tool. It’s mainly used to search, sort, and filter data from the TRIRIGA business objects, but there really isn’t much control for the layout that you can get out of a more advanced reporting tool. That said, the new TRIRIGA UX framework gives developers full control of formatting and styles using HTML5 and CSS, and you can display the data in a table/grid or whatever UI component you choose. Hope this helps.

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IV93315: Path to Document Manager image is shown in autocomplete

If you type in the first few characters of the name of the record you want to bring in (by using the TRIRIGA autocomplete feature to get a quick drop-down list of potential matches without clicking the picker), the results that appear do not display an image where it should be shown. Instead, a Document Manager path appears.

But if you click the picker, the query results displays the image in the image column, as expected…

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IV93274: Spaces can be attached to property or building not to floor

In TRIRIGA CAD Integrator, the Smart Attach allows a user to attach spaces directly to a property or building, instead of a floor, which causes orphan spaces. This occurs if you first try to upload to the property or building, and get a failure message. Then return to Smart Attach and try again.

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Is there a way to refresh group overrides in the global menu?

Is there a trick to getting group overrides in the global menu to refresh?

I’m able to turn on and off the top-level menu items, but the second-level items are not responding. I’m trying to disable all of the Projects second-level menus, except Facilities for a particular user group. I have tried it many times with various users and I still see all second-level menu items. Logging on and off, and waiting extended periods of time has not helped.

I figured out what was going wrong. I have multiple security groups assigned to each user, and the menu group overrides were conflicting with each other. The extra security groups are configured to all users without a primary organization to see those with a primary organization and vice versa. Unfortunately, these groups only had group overrides applied to the top-level menu. When I attempted to enable a few second-level menu items, these extra security groups enable all second-level menu items.

The fix is to disable all menu items for these extra security groups. This way, the primary security group has full control of the menu selection.

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