How do you set up notifications by using external mail?

How do I setup notifications to display someone’s email in the From User field?

As of the TRIRIGA 3.4.2 release, a new smart section was added to the Notification business object and form to allow a user’s email address to be specified in the From User field, instead of the standard system email that currently exists. The smart section is defined against the triPeopleLink business object. The Notification workflow should be set up so that this section will be populated with the send (From user) information. Also, the email notification will look like it is coming from the user who sent it instead of the TRIRIGA system.

To implement this feature, you will need to modify any Notification workflow that sends an email to populate the sender (From user). The From user is not set by default. To modify your workflow, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Tools > Builder Tools > Workflow Builder.
  • Select triHelper (Module) and triNotificationHelper (BO).
  • Revise the workflow “triNotificationHelper – Synchronous – Resolve Notification Content and Send Notification”.
  • Add a “Retrieve Records” task similar to the following…
  • Add a “Modify Records” task similar to the following…
  • Click the “Edit Map” action on the “Modify Records” task and map the fields similar to the following…
  • Publish the workflow.

[Admin: This post is related to the 06.16.16 post about setting up a notification workflow with external mail.]

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