Joining the IBM TRIRIGA UK user group community (Nov 2016)

Meeting: Tuesday, November 29, 2016, 10:30 AM to 02:30 PM (London)

Are you a TRIRIGA user or partner in the UK? Not a member of the IBM TRIRIGA UK User Group community yet? It’s easy to join this great community here. Why should I join this community, you may wonder? Well, the purpose of this group is to share information and experiences, to leverage our position with IBM, and to facilitate communication with IBM. Here are some of the benefits to joining the IBM TRIRIGA UK User Group:

  • Access to the latest product information from IBM
  • Face-to-face user group meetings
  • Networking with like-minded professionals

There is a user group meeting coming up on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at the IBM Southbank offices. The agenda includes a case study by Marks & Spencer, the TRIRIGA roadmap, and other sessions you don’t want to miss! The link to register and view the full agenda is here. We hope you will join this great community and hope to see you at the meeting in Southbank on the 29th!

[Admin: This post is related to the 11.20.15 post about the December 2015 meeting.]

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IFRS: How well do you know your IFRS Standards?

The IFRS Foundation is inviting people to test their knowledge of IFRS Standards and their use around the world, today releasing an updated version of the popular online IFRS Quiz.

The quiz is based on the 2016 Pocket Guide to IFRS Standards: the global financial reporting language. It provides students, educators and other interested parties with a free-of-charge resource to assess their knowledge of IFRS Standards, the IFRS Foundation structure, and the standard-setting process.

First launched in 2014, the quiz is available in both English and Spanish and has been taken more than 45,000 times. The updated version has been revised to include, among other things, the requirements of new and amended IFRS Standards such as IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers and IFRS 16 Leases.

The IFRS Quiz is available here.

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Tango Strategic Store Lifecycle Management selected by HearUSA

HearUSA, the recognized leader in hearing care, has selected Tango’s Strategic Store Lifecycle Management Solution to support plans to explore new market opportunities and develop strategies for the United States and international markets, as well as support their future growth across the entire real estate and store development lifecycle. HearUSA purchased Tango’s Predictive Analytics, Market Planning & Site Selection, and Geospatial Location Platform products…

Tango’s Total Solution is unique in an industry that typically offers software that only addresses a portion of the real estate lifecycle. By bringing together Predictive Analytics, Retail GIS and Store Development Execution in a single, seamless offering, Tango helps organizations like HearUSA avoid the information silos that inevitably occur with disjointed solutions which often result in decisions being made with inaccurate and incomplete information. Tango enables retailers to make informed decisions, drawing on critical data from all areas of the lifecycle…

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From data to comprehensive property management

[Google Translated from Spanish]

From data to comprehensive property management

TRIRIGA: Learn how you can enhance the administration of property and assets through a robust integrated system with reporting and metrics that allow traceability, visibility and transparency of information and the efforts being made, allowing you to generate significant savings and make decisions at the right time.

  • Presenter: Tamara Yoffe, TRIRIGA Sales Director []
  • Presenter: Julian Blomberg, CIO []

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[Original Spanish]

De los datos a la gestión integral de propiedades

TRIRIGA: Conoce cómo es posible potenciar la administración de propiedades y activos mediante un robusto sistema integrado con de reportes y métricas que permiten tener trazabilidad, visibilidad y transparencia de la información y de las gestiones que se realizan, permitiendo generar importantes ahorros y tomar decisiones en el momento adecuado.

  • Presentador: Tamara Yoffe, TRIRIGA Sales Director []
  • Presentador: Julian Blomberg, CIO []

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CTBUH announces 2016 Tall Building Award winners

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has announced the winners and finalists of its CTBUH 2016 Tall Building Awards. This year’s winners and finalists, selected from 132 entries, have set a new bar for the annual awards program, with many employing inventive solutions that respond to demanding site constraints and prerogatives related to sustainability, seismicity, wind forces, mixed functionality, and a vibrant urban habitat.

Award recipients are recognized across five categories: Best Tall Building Awards – Regional (Americas, Asia & Australasia, Europe, and Middle East & Africa), Urban Habitat Award, Innovation Award, Performance Award, and 10 Year Award. All award winners will be recognized at the CTBUH 15th Annual Awards Symposium, which will take place at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, on November 3. At the event, the four regional Best Tall Building winners will compete for the title of Best Tall Building Worldwide.

Best Tall Building

The Best Tall Building category recognizes projects that have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of tall buildings and the urban environment, and that achieve sustainability at the highest and broadest level. The winning projects exhibit processes and innovations that have added to the profession of design and enhance the cities and the lives of their inhabitants. The following Best Tall Buildings winners have been named for each of four competing regions in the world, from nominees representing a total of 27 countries…


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ISS turns to IBM to transform management of 25,000 buildings

ISS, a leading global provider of facility services, has signed a commercial agreement with IBM to use the power of Watson IoT to transform the management of over 25,000 buildings around the world.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, ISS is one of the world’s largest private employers with over 500,000 staff managing everything from concierge to cleaning, catering to technical maintenance for thousands of high profile clients… ISS will tap IBM’s Watson IoT platform, consulting and advanced facilities management technologies to transform the services it provides to building owners and users around the world with the goal of making buildings more personalized, intuitive and user-friendly.

Working with IBM, ISS will integrate and analyse data from millions of devices and sensors embedded into buildings including doors, windows, chairs, meeting rooms, dispensers and air conditioning systems. Data will be uploaded onto IBM’s Watson IoT cloud platform and cognitive computing technologies will learn from this data helping ISS optimise its services as well as furthering its understanding of how people use buildings, thereby creating new opportunities for innovation…

As a first step, ISS has already fitted its Copenhagen headquarters, which serves as an innovation lab for the service group, with hundreds of sensors connected to IBM’s Watson IoT platform and TRIRIGA facilities management software to help improve room bookings and catering services for the 250 employees based in the building. The next phase will be the implementation of the cognitive IoT technology at selected customer sites…



[Admin: This post is related to the 06.30.16 post by Chris O’Connor about putting the human touch into buildings, and the 08.20.15 post about creating a connected 11-storey building in 4 hours. This post is also related to the 07.07.16 article by and the 07.07.16 article by Energy Manager Today.]

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International Real Estate Data Exchange Council (IREDEC) formed

Five leading international data standards organizations, FIDJI (France), gif (Germany), INREV (Europe), OSCRE International (UK, North America), and REDEX (Netherlands) have formed the International Real Estate Data Exchange Council (IREDEC) and signed a collaborative agreement. The intent is to harmonize existing international data exchange standards to meet the requirements of investors, fund managers and service providers of cross border investments…

OSCRE is an international not for profit member-based organization focused on the collaborative development of real estate standards and their implementation around the world. The collaboration will begin with the development of a common data structure which will enable conversion between existing national and regional models. IREDEC will also engage in a validation phase of the methodology with international practitioners…

Based on a methodology of FIDJI, the potential savings of an implementation of an efficient data management approach in the European real estate industry could be more than 1 billion EUR per year. IREDEC encourages other organizations to join in their efforts to develop a common data structure for the real estate industry and to support implementation globally. For more information, please contact the Council via e-mail at

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